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Every year since 1983, either in August or October, the editors, writers and designers of this magazine have compiled a list of reasons to love Milwaukee – our “best of Milwaukee.” Each ode consists of genuine appreciation and, on occasion, a little sarcasm. You can start with 2016’s story and work back in time, or start at the beginning and watch our love for the city grow. Wherever you start, if you see something we should include for the upcoming year, don’t hesitate to let us know.

Best of Milwaukee 2016

The Best of Milwaukee is back, after a brief detour last year into a love-letter iteration called “Reasons to Love Milwaukee.” Make no mistake – this feature is still packed with amorous feelings for our city. But this year, in addition to a bit of heart-felt gushing, we aim to offer a useable guide to some of the most outstanding retailers, restaurants, services and you-name-it in town. So whether you have a hankering for above-par chicken tenders, or are wondering what’s the best local band right now, our list of over 60 “awards” will help. In fact, we’ve packed this story with enough suggestions (and just a little nostalgia) to last you until, well, this time next year.

By Ann Christenson, Matt Hrodey, Jenna Kashou, Kevin Mueller, Carole Nicksin, Adam Rogan, Dan Simmons and Tom Tolan
Edited by Claire Hanan