Limits of Influence

How investigating who are the most influential people in Milwaukee’s media world revealed divisions that continue to exist.

Green Gold

How the Journal Sentinel got lucky with a relic from its past.

Local Wit

In a talk radio market dominated by white, right-wing conservatives, the liberal-leaning, African-American Eric Von has always cut across the grain.

Trial Separation

Is the location of the Milwaukee County’s Children’s Court hindering the effective administration of juvenile justice?

Man at the Top

Photo credit: rangizzz/Shutterstock The man who will run the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel’s new parent company is in town this week, meeting with executives and others at the newspaper and its corporate offices. Currently head of the newspaper group at E.W. Scripps, Tim Stautberg (right) will in 2015 ascend to the post of CEO of the new Journal Media Group – the new Milwaukee-based company that will install the JS as the flagship of more than a dozen newspapers across the country in the complex transaction that will cede all of the Journal Communications broadcast holdings to Scripps. “It’s important for me…