August 2017

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Taco Town
25 reasons to love tortillas, plus salsas, exhilarating drinks and a fascinating “Day In the Life”
By Ann Christenson

Another Way Up
Learn how Wisconsin’s tech schools are filling the gap not filled by four-year colleges. Plus: Robot Boot Camp
By Erik Gunn

Making Her People Proud
Kristy Yang, the nation’s first female Hmong-American judge, made a big step forward for her community.
By Doug Moe

Light in the Shadows
Photographer Lois Bielefeld’s fascination with twilight defines her mesmerizing work.
By Pamela Hill Nettleton

Scouting Around
For more than 50 years, Greg “Doc” Harrington has been leading the Boy Scouts of Milwaukee’s Troop 61 on adventures big and small.
By Eben Pindyck and Zach Brooke

Making the World Safe for Democracy!
An excerpt from A Crowded Hour: Milwaukee During the Great War, 1917-1918
By Kevin J. Abing


One Step at a Time
A grassroots effort to honor the 50th anniversary of the fair-housing marches
By Eben Pindyck

Fractured Narrative
Reggie Jackson, on the roots of MKE’s segregation
By Dominic Inouye

It’s Alive!
The Public Museum’s amazing race
By Zach Brooke

Back It Up
The safest parking spots take some getting used to.
By Rich Rovito

Sound the Trumpets
Riding the bus never sounded so good.


Taking the Plunge
49-degree water is no hindrance for the intrepid Lake Michigan Swimmers.
By Kristine Hansen

State Fair Sampler!
Five things to fair-et out
By Annette Witheridge

Off the Wall
Eye-catching murals bolster Bay View.
By Lindsey Anderson

New Addition
This pool house has the Wright stuff.
By Kristine Hansen
Photos by Matt Haas

Flight of Fancy
Manlife memorializes a philosopher of sorts and his most loyal follower.
By Duane Dudek

One word to describe this month: Lively! Plus: 4 places to catch an outdoor movie.


Green City
Year-round indoor agriculture, right here in the city
By Ann Christenson

Can It
How to put those Mason jars to good use
By Ann Christenson

Balanced Bowls
Healthy one-bowl meals? This Walker’s Point space has you covered.
By Ann Christenson

When in Wisco
Rules of thumb on which drink you should order where, because every bar has its strengths.
By Robert Simonson

Ask Ann
If “Ask Ann” can’t answer it, nobody can.
By Ann Christenson


Remember My Name
A local actor bound for NYC makes a compelling argument for why it’s a damn shame he’ll “never work in this town again.”
By Jonathan West

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