All About the Brewers’ New Docuseries ‘The Freshmen’

The first installment of “The Freshmen” is out now.

The Milwaukee Brewers have launched “The Freshmen,” a multi-episode docuseries capturing the baseball journey of the team’s top prospects, including Jackson Chourio, Sal Frelick, Garrett Mitchell, Brice Turang and Joey Wiemer.

The series gives fans a behind-the-scenes look at life as a prospect and the path toward earning a major league spot, focusing on each player’s individual story.

The first installment of the series is available now, introducing each of the Minor League players making an impact in the Milwaukee Brewers farm system.

Chourio was the Brewers’ top international signee in the class of 2020-21. The others are draft picks – Turang in the first round in 2018 out of high school, Mitchell (first round) and Wiemer (fourth round) in 2020 out of college and Frelick (first round) in 2021, also out of college.



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“This is a group that is exciting to watch, players who have all the tools to get to the next level and enjoy sustained success,” Brewers Senior Vice President and General Manager Matt Arnold said. “They have fun and work hard and you see that come through on the field and in the clubhouse. We’re very fortunate to have the infrastructure in place, and support from ownership to staff, to guide our prospects as they navigate through the farm system, and ultimately with the goal to positively impact the club at the major league level.”’

The next two episodes take place at this year’s spring training and are slated to be released on March 21 and 28. These installments will take a deeper dive into the personal lives of the players, their friendships with each other and how they manage the major league grind.

Footage will include mic’d up segments and special off-the-field insight into their lives. The final spring training episode provides the players the platform to tell their story and journey through baseball in their own words, what motivates and inspires them, and how they have risen through the minor league ranks.

The series also features interviews from Brewers personalities and team personnel including Arnold; Eduardo Brizuela, vice president – assistant to the general manager; Tom Flanagan, vice president – player operations; and Sophia Minnaert, Brewers broadcaster.

Filmed by the Brewers in-house production team, the “The Freshmen” will follow these prospects through their journey with additional episodes filmed during the regular season.


Sal Frelick; Photo courtesy of Milwaukee Brewers

Joey Wiemer; Photo courtesy of Milwaukee Brewers

Garrett Mitchell; Photo courtesy of Milwaukee Brewers

Joey Wiemer; Photo courtesy of Milwaukee Brewers

Brice Turang; Photo courtesy of Milwaukee Brewers

Garrett Mitchell; Photo courtesy of Milwaukee Brewers

Sal Frelick; Photo courtesy of Milwaukee Brewers



Rich Rovito is a freelance writer for Milwaukee Magazine.