I was granted VIP access to the Black Eyed Peas after party at Apartment 720 (720 N. Milwaukee St.). I’m not a fan of the pop group, but I certainly thought I was the bee’s knees when we cut in line and a beautiful young woman escorted us upstairs into a land of free drinks and […]

I was granted VIP access to the Black Eyed Peas after party at Apartment 720 (720 N. Milwaukee St.). I’m not a fan of the pop group, but I certainly thought I was the bee’s knees when we cut in line and a beautiful young woman escorted us upstairs into a land of free drinks and prospective celebrity guests. The first thing I noticed in the apartment was how sectioned off everything was. We were led in a u-turn to our area with couches and some folks in their 30s and 40s, mingling. Bacardi was the VIP section sponsor, so our male bartender offered a selection of their liquors along with limited mixers. I’m not big on the sweet cocktails, so I opted for the wider selection at another bar beyond the manned, velvet rope.

I ordered a vodka and seltzer. “$10,” the bartender says. “Oh, we’re VIP,” I say, showing her my wristband, which I think is made of red gold. “That’ll still be $10.” I suddenly felt unimportant. My companion felt just fine and kindly pointed out the bartender’s nearly bare buttocks, covered only by a pair of fishnets.

We decided to mingle, and I kept an eye out for Fergie. We’d get to talking about how jaded we were by the club scene and how hard it is to find a decent hair stylist these days. We’d exchange phone numbers. My friend and I stumbled on the Black Eyed Peas section, which was occupied by one of the roadies, perhaps? Whoever it was seemed bored and misplaced in the company of unopened champagne bottles. We continued roaming.

The club is set up a bit like an apartment. There are at least three separate rooms that I found. Certain areas were off limits. One room had a long bar with dark corners, ideal for people who want to make out. The second, adjacent bar is in front of the DJ booth. This bar is a large island set up with yet another private section along the back wall. A bold black-and-white floral pattern is carried throughout the club. The DJ booth is set up a bit higher (their feet at our head level), so you can see those on the turntables along with other important people, hyping up the crowd.

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LMFAO were the bright, big-haired, dark-rimmed-glasses wearing entertainment duo for the evening. Lyrics include, “The ladies love us when we pour shots,” and “Now where my alcoholics, let me see your hands up.” So there was that. Their posse surrounded them, along with a few girls who certainly enjoyed their elevated position. Only those closest to the booth were dancing. I noticed mostly guys, just standing around the bar, looking. My friend warned me before we came, “Apartment 720 is basically Judges for adults.”

His statement hit home when a shorter man not lacking hair gel began pouring shots of Grey Goose into the open mouths of the wanting women below. One of them showed her “boobies,” and was rewarded with the blow of a whistle. I think my mouth actually dropped. There was plenty to keep my eyes busy. My friend and I busted a couple of moves, and then I lingered in the open area when you first walk in. I began to ask random people why they were at Apartment 720. The majority articulated, “I don’t know.”

I didn’t know either. I left my friend in good hands with a couple of fine ladies, and I went on my way. I shall not return to Apartment 720.

In other bar news, The Nomad (1401 E. Brady St.) celebrates its 15-year anniversary this month. Special events include “The World’s Shortest Happy Hour” Mondays through Thursdays from 4 – 4:15 p.m. You can get any drink in the building for $1, excluding bottles over 16 oz. Check out the Web site for more specials and future changes.

811 N. Jefferson St.
Wednesday, March 17
Mikey’s offers $3 drink specials all day (Guinness, Smithwick’s, Harp, Jameson, Powers, Bailey’s and Irish Car Bombs). Enjoy the Celtic tunes of Reilly and a special Irish fare menu from 11 a.m.-midnight.

Mo’s Irish Pub
142 W. Wisconsin Ave.
Wednesday, March 17
Mo’s opens at 6 a.m. You can enter for a chance to win a trip to Ireland!

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Cactus Club
2496 S. Wentworth Ave.
Saturday, March 20
10 p.m.
We Are Your Father and TBA

Benno’s Genuine Bar & Grill
7413 W. Greenfield Ave.
$1 off all taps, and three sliders for $3.

Rustico Pizzeria
223 N. Water St.
From 9 p.m.-close, take advantage of $1 slice night.

3007 S. Kinnickinnic Ave.
Blackbird offers one of my new favorite happy hour specials: Free tacos from Hector’s, 4-8 p.m., or until supplies last. Also, $4 margaritas and $2 Pacifico and Corona.

Café Lulu
2265 S. Howell Ave.
Wino Wednesdays
Every Wednesday starting at 5 p.m., enjoy $10 off bottles of wine.

Polish Falcon’s Nest 725
801 E. Clarke St.
Open Bowl on the oldest lanes in town. And it only costs $3.25 a game plus $1 for shoes.

1905 North Ave.
Hey ladies! Free drinks until midnight. Everyone else pays $3 for Stoli drinks. No cover.

Hi-Hat Lounge & Garage
1701 N. Arlington Pl.
Ladies Night: DJs Kid Cut Up and Steve Marxx. Two complimentary drinks for the ladies.

Kenadee’s Ultra Pub
718 N. Milwaukee St.
Bitch Pleeze Fridays: Ladies drink free mixers every Friday from 10 p.m.-midnight. Kenny Perez provides the music. No cover. No dress code.

Apartment 720
720 N. Milwaukee St.
Enjoy the spins of special guest DJs from LA, Las Vegas, New York City and Chicago. The special of the evening is $100 bottles of Belvedere vodka, of course.

Brocach Irish Pub and Restaurant
1850 N. Water St.
From 3:30 to 6 p.m., try happy hour: Half off all top-shelf Irish and scotch whiskies. 20 oz. pint of Guinness and shot of Powers for $6.25. $5 wines by the glass.

Bryant’s Cocktail Lounge
1579 S. Ninth St.
Old-Fashioned Cocktail Hour
Bryant’s happy hour is from 5-9 p.m. and includes half price Old-Fashioneds and Depression-era cocktails.