88Nine’s New Podcast Examines Systemic Racism in Milwaukee

Grab your headphones for this timely and important listen.

A six-part episodic podcast named “By Every Measure” is 88Nine’s newest audio addition. With the discussion of racism taking a national headline, 88Nine’s new podcast focuses on examining the origin of systemic racism in Milwaukee, which isthe first U.S. city to declare systemic racism as a public health crisis.

The podcast will not only examine the origin of systemic racism in our city and the history behind it, but also explore how these systems can and need to change. This means putting a spotlight on groups and organizations in our community who are trying to do so.

“We want to use this as a history lesson, but also an opportunity to make a difference and engage in real, honest conversation,” said Tarik Moody, 88Nine’s Director of Digital Strategy and Innovation and co-host of the podcast.



Award-winning data expert and research journalist Reggie Jackson and Moody spearhead the podcast. Jackson specializes in racial disparities and education on racism. Moody approached Jackson to help host the podcast because they had worked with him before.

“Since I came up with the idea, they were like ‘do you want to host this?’ and I’m like ‘I can’t host this by myself,’” said Moody. “Reggie Jackson would be a great person to host because we wanted to make it about storytelling, but we want to back up the storytelling with data.”

Here’s the description of the segment on Apple Podcasts: 

“The series will use data to examine the immense disparities that are systemically woven into the Black experience in Milwaukee, making it one of the worst cities in the nation for its Black residents, by every measure.”

Despite its timely nature, 88Nine started working on the podcast last year before the pandemic and the resurgence of the Black Lives Matter movement.

“The podcast started last year, so we didn’t plan it because of the issues. At 88Nine, our goal is to every year do a feature episodic podcast and last year we did Backspin, which was our first original feature podcast about the story of Milwaukee’s first hip hop song,” said Moody. “Before the pandemic, before all of it, we wanted to focus on something, I kind of pushed the narrative that we should talk about this issue [systemic racism].”

The episodes are grouped into systems, with a new system highlighted each week. These include: systemic racism, criminal justice and police, housing, the wealth gap, education and health. 

“I’m not going to promise, but hopefully we’ll have bonus episodes,” said Moody. “We might have a virtual event to have for the discussions, but we won’t know until the podcast’s six parts are over, but we have a lot of content we’re working with.”

“By Every Measure” premiered on August 24. Listen on Apple, Spotify, NPR and RSS. New episodes available on Mondays.



Allie is an Editorial Intern at Milwaukee Magazine. She is a senior at UW-Milwaukee studying Creative Writing and Journalism. You can follow her on Instagram at @alliehabck