7 Things You Can Do to Support the Arts Right Now

Here’s how you can support local creatives during a difficult year.


1. Smash open your piggy bank

Whether you give $5 or $5,000, your donation will be put to good use by an organization like the United Performing Arts Fund, which raises money for more than a dozen of the city’s largest arts groups. If you’d prefer, you can also give directly to your favorite nonprofit.

2. Put some swag in your step

Many artists and arts groups sell branded T-shirts, totes and other merchandise. When you buy something, you won’t just be supporting them economically. You’ll also be turning yourself into a walking advertisement for a worthy cause.





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3. Hit that “Subscribe” button

Theaters depend on their season ticket holders. Museums need members to keep their lights on. And individual artists count on their social media followers to help spread word of their work. So buy those season tickets, sign up for that museum membership, and remember to follow your favorite artists online.

4. Volunteer

Even if you’re completely broke, you can still volunteer your time. Many nonprofits enlist volunteers to help staff their events. And, if you have a special skill (like photography or web design), you can offer to put it to use.

5. Call your congressional representatives

Make sure they know that the arts are important to you and that you’d like to see more public investment in them.

6. Stay engaged

Did you know that Google recently teamed up with 16 Cream City cultural institutions to celebrate the places and people of Milwaukee? The resulting app, the second of its kind in the country, can be found at g.co/Milwaukee. It’s a great way to stay engaged with your favorite institutions and individual artists even while you’re at home.

7. Buy art

If you can afford it, consider investing in a painting, photograph or print to hang in your home. You’ll be able to admire it for years to come, and even pass it down to your children.

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Lindsey Anderson covers culture for Milwaukee Magazine. Before joining the MilMag team she worked as an editor at the Museum of Contemporary Art Chicago and wrote freelance articles for ArtSlant and Eater.