7 Milwaukee Museums Offering Virtual Tours

It’s time to get out of the house – virtually.

With everyone staying at home, it’s easy to get stir crazy and bored. Just a few weeks ago we had access to the Milwaukee Art Museum’s After Dark events and were able to walk into the Harley Davidson Museum just to see what’s new. Now we can’t. But what we can do, is tour seven of Milwaukee’s museums virtually and explore them using guided exhibits and online tours. 

The Milwaukee Art Museum’s virtual experience provides some insight into what to expect from these types of virutal tours. MAM has a variety of virtual options available including audio guides, podcasts and teaching resources for kids. There’s even the opportunity to virtually “visit” Windhover Hall, where the normally bustling hall appears unusually empty. 

The MAM’s audio guide on The Phillips Collection gives a sense of what a virtual guided tour entails. Led by both Renee Maurer, Associate Curator, and Tanya Paul, the Isabel and Alfred Bader Curator of European Art, viewers are taken through a series of 27 of the most iconic works from the collection. Each work of art is displayed before the screen paired with thematic background music. Maurer and Paul engage in a conversational, yet informative commentary on each piece, lasting around one to two minutes in length.

The virtual tour paired with the commentary provides a unique experience, unlike merely reading a commentary or blurb about the artwork. The combination of the conversation and music helps to create an atmosphere within your home conducive to being in an actual museum — at least as much as is possible from home.

Following are seven Milwaukee museums offering virtual tours right now:

1. America’s Black Holocaust Museum

This museum features online galleries about slavery and racial justice in America that can be accessed from one’s living room couch.

2. Grohmann Museum 

This museum focused on art about the history of human work, lets viewers explore a guided collection of their artwork in this virtual experience.

3. Haggerty Museum

The museum lets viewers explore a range of work from their permanent collection right at home.

4. Harley-Davidson Museum

This museum has a variety of virtual experiences for viewers whether it be browsing the museum’s permanent collection or even special exhibits.

5. Jewish Museum Milwaukee

This museum gives Milwaukeens the chance to visit the museum from anywhere they please and even features a complete virtual tour of its latest special exhibit, The Girl in the Diary.

6. Milwaukee Art Museum

This museum has a plethora of options for its art lovers, including podcasts, audio guides, videos, teaching resources for kids, their online collection and even a 360-degree Windhover Hall experience.

7. Wisconsin Black Historical Society Learning Center

This museum offers a collection of lesson plans and programs that allows kids at home to learn about the history of African Americans in Wisconsin.




Allie is an Editorial Intern at Milwaukee Magazine. She is a senior at UW-Milwaukee studying Creative Writing and Journalism. You can follow her on Instagram at @alliehabck