5 Things to Do in Milwaukee This Week That Don’t Involve a Crowd: April 13-16

We found five things for you to do this wee in Milwaukee.

1. Cook Extra Lemony Lemon Poppy Seed Bread

Quick breads are always a fun challenge to take on in the kitchen. This lemon poppy seed bread recipe is easy to follow and delicious to taste. Plus, it’s probably something new to try after weeks of following the same tired recipes. 

2. Celebrate 414 Day

On 4/14 (Tuesday of this week) Milwaukee celebrates 414 Day. While we can’t take the party to the streets like we usually do, local businesses and artists have initiated a lot of ways to celebrate during Safer at Home. Check out our guide to 414 Day for more details

3. The Milwaukee County Zoo: Web Cams

The zoo is currently closed until further notice. But its animal cams are still up and running. That means that you can check in on its lions and tigers and bears (oh my!) whenever you want. And don’t worry about the animals – their caretakers are still coming to work to make sure they’re safe and happy.

4. Start (and Finish) a Puzzle

You probably already have one sitting in your basement. Take some time away from the screen and work on a puzzle. The process is relaxing and finishing your puzzle gives you a rewarding feeling that can be hard to come by during the quarantine.  

5. Explore the world with Geoguessr

You can’t travel right now (even a leisure drive is forbidden under the state’s safer-at-home guidelines), but you can see the world. Geoguessr plops you down in the middle of somewhere (in the Google Street View universe) and lets you drive around until you make a guess. Are you in Thailand? Norway? Nebraska? Read street signs, billboards and vegetation to try to figure it out, then make a guess on a map.