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5 Reasons I Love Milwaukee: Annette Witheridge

Accustomed to big cities like London and New York City, Milwaukee is a breath of fresh air and gives an air of Midwestern charm for our August contributor Annette Witheridge.

We asked writer and August 2017 issue contributor Annette Witheridge to share with us the reasons she loves Milwaukee. Here are her picks:

Harbor House Lunch photo; courtesy of Harbor House

Milwaukee is not overwhelming

Unlike big cities like Los Angeles and New York City, where I currently call home, you don’t feel overwhelmed in Milwaukee. Its easy to wander through the streets of Milwaukee and stop wherever you fancy. I enjoy making stops at the Milwaukee Art Museum and the views from the Harbor House allow you to take in great views of the city.

Minimal City Traffic

In Manhattan, I am used to crazy traffic. When visiting Milwaukee, I tend to walk the streets and am always amazed by the lack of car horns, screeching tires and lines of cars. The streets of Milwaukee are much quieter compared to what I am normally accustomed to which makes the city a favorite place for me to visit.

Milwaukee Art Museum
Photo by Meghan Quadracci

A City of Conflicting Qualities

Its difficult to find another city that can compete with Milwaukee’s Midwestern charm and its vibrancy. Despite its size, Milwaukee is a hopping city that is thriving with art, quality restaurants and a dynamic nightlife. Its the perfect combination of qualities that makes Milwaukee a welcoming and growing city.


Every time I return to Milwaukee, I find the time to do some sightseeing. During the summer, I enjoy taking the Trolley Loop which makes stops at 14 of the city’s major attractions, including the Milwaukee Public Market and the Milwaukee Art Museum. Taking the Trolley Loop is a great way to see the city, and best of all, each ride is only a dollar!

The Water

One of the greatest things about Milwaukee is its proximity to the water. Lake Michigan borders Milwaukee and the Milwaukee River weaves its way through the city. The surrounding water creates a calming environment. Being on the water is unbeatable, and I prefer to take a riverfront cruise to take in the beauty of the city. Another favorite waterfront stop of mine includes getting food at Barnacle Bud’s. Seafood on the water, a match made in heaven — rather Milwaukee. 

Lakeshore State Park
Photo by Meghan Quadracci

Witheridge is a contributor to our August, 2017 Issue, writing this month’s story, “State Fair Sampler!”



Megan Otto is a digital and editorial intern at Milwaukee Magazine. She currently attends the University of Wisconsin-Madison and has previously interned in London.