4 Blossoming Wedding Flower Trends

There’s an abundance of artistry in floral design right now. Four local florists talk about the freshest ideas they’re seeing.

1. In the cloud

Dangling your centerpieces overhead “adds a wow factor” to any environment, says Sarah Rasmussen-Davis, owner of The Red Petal. Whether your floating florals are intermingled with lights, hung on the ends of ribbon or assembled into sculptural shapes, they’ll make a statement.

Photo by Front Room Studio

2. Colors, colors, colors

Photo by Marmalade LLC

Whites and pastels are losing ground to brights and vivids. Kimberlee Grob, owner of Locker’s Florist, sees this as “a celebration of hope, joy and a future alive with possibility.” A practical choice, too, since the pent-up demand for wedding florals has made traditional whites tougher to find, and pricier.


3. Tall and thin

Photo by Laura Zastrow Photography

Done right, elevated centerpieces won’t block your view and will create more table space, too. While not a new concept, says Emily Neubauer, owner of Belle Fiori, the trending take on it adds drama with modern metal stands or sleek, transparent glass.

4. A mix of fresh and forever

Photo by Deb Fowler, The Flower Lady

Anything that’s natural is being mixed with blooms, whether dried or dyed, bleached or painted. Blending botanicals with florals “is my favorite style,” says Deb Fowler, owner of The Flower Lady in Wauwatosa. Bonus: After the fresh flowers wilt, the dried botanicals become keepsakes.



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