Women & Wealth


Local experts share how to take control of your finances, maximize your earning potential
and make the most of your money. 

A series created by Milwaukee Magazine for Associated Bank

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Watch "Navigating Your Finances Through Life Transitions"

When circumstances change, even the most solid financial plan needs to be adjusted. Get insights on the current economic environment and how to strategize for marriage, divorce, estate planning and more. Read more >>

Financial Knowledge Is Power—Especially for Women

Many women hold their own as far as their personal finances go. However, things can get complicated if they’re not the primary breadwinner in the family, if they’re part of a blended family or if they simply aren’t in tune with their spouse’s financial holdings. Read more >>

Tune in For "Women and Entrepreneurship"

Want to build a business? Learn how to bring your plan to fruition, and get inspired by local female entrepreneurs. Hear from Chris Zajdel of Skiin, Anne Zizzo of The Zizzo Group, and special guest Missy Hughes, the Secretary and Chief Executive Officer at Wisconsin Economic Development Corporation. Read more >>

Traditional Vs. Safe Harbor 401(k) Plans, Which One is Right for You?"

A question Associated Bank hears frequently is, “What’s the best 401(k) design for my business?” As cringeworthy as this may sound, the correct answer is that it depends. Read more >>

See Our First "Women & Wealth" Webinar

How you invest your money can be more important than how much you make. Learn how to take control of your finances, howto maximize your earning potential and how to use your assets to create a philanthropic legacy in this webinar. You’ll also have the opportunity to get your questions answered by the experts. Read more >>