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When Chris Zajdel founded Skiin Anti-Aging Lounge, her goals were both professional and personal. “I wanted to become a leader and help others discover their true passion and talents,” she says. “I love seeing lightbulbs go off when someone finally gets something that they have been struggling with.”

At Skiin, which offers a full range of advanced skin care services along with dermatological and plastic surgery options, Zajdel strives to create a culture that supports personal and educational growth. “In a rapidly growing industry, we have to continue to incorporate new technologies. Providing the highest level of quality with the best educated professionals will always be our mission,” she says.

“I believe that quality of heart matters most, and that vulnerability is a strength.” – Chris Zajdel, Founder, Skiin

Q&A with Chris Zajdel

How are you a force within your community?

“Creating an environment with a culture that continues to support personal and educational growth. I love seeing lightbulbs go off when someone finally gets something they have been struggling with. I believe in leading by example and want to be driven to do better today than I did yesterday.”

What is your life purpose?

“I believe in my gut, and it guides me every day. I take risks and put myself out there. No matter how hard life can be, I will look for the silver lining. It is important to do the right thing always, in all ways.”

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