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Face of Bridal Fashion

Christina Wegner; Photo by Boutique Photographer Linda Smallpage; Instagram: @boutiquephotographer | Facebook: Boutique Photographer | Linkedin: Linda Smallpage

In early 2015, Christina Wegner noticed that a lot of brides who lived in Milwaukee traveled to Chicago or New York to purchase their wedding dresses.

“I felt like a fresh fashion-forward, yet timeless, bridal boutique was missing in the Downtown Milwaukee area,” Wegner says.

That gave her an idea. In 2015, she left her 25-year career in property management and opened White Dress Bridal Boutique on Pittsburgh Avenue. The boutique brings fashion forward luxury wedding dresses to Milwaukee brides, and has quickly attracted a strong clientele. Every year since 2016, White Dress has been awarded the Best Luxury Bridal Boutique in the state of Wisconsin by Wisconsin Bride Magazine. In 2020, Wegner opened White Dress Off The Rack, offering dresses that brides could purchase and take from the store the same day at a lower price point.

“Brides can really experience the difference when they come into our boutiques,” Wegner says. “The quality of the designers we carry is amazing. We set the bar high because for us it’s all about the bride. I’ve had so many brides say over and over again, ‘I don’t even know why I went other places. I should have just come here first.’”

White Dress Bridal Boutique

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White Dress Off The Rack

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