Where Does Wisconsin Stand in this List of States with the Worst Drivers?

The evaluation looks at death rates, careless driving, drunk driving and more.

Long story short: We’re #20.

Could be worse. Could be a lot better. Here we are.

This week, Car Insurance Comparison released its annual study of states with the worst drivers. The study compiles death rates, failure to obey incidents, careless driving, drunk driving, and speeding and determines which state is the worst in total.

The #1 spot went to Alaska this year, as it did last year, because while the frigid state isn’t too bad for careless driving and death rate, it has the worst drunk driving and speeding of all the states.



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Wisconsin’s #20 rank comes despite being ranked 42nd in death rate. We were dragged down mightily by a #4 rank in failure to obey and a #7 rank in — you unfortunately may have already guessed it — drunk driving.

This is one spot better than last year though, when our state was #19 in the nation.

And it may be worth mentioning that Illinois came in at #16 with a #7 ranking for speeding and #8 for drunk driving.

But our other major Great Lakes competitor has us beat pretty bad. Minnesota hit #48 on the list, making them worse than only three other states: Iowa, Utah and New Jersey. (The study includes Washington D.C. (#19) separately , making the total 51).

Here’s to hoping we can bring these numbers down soon.



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