Vita Fitness & Physical Therapy

Face of Physical Therapy

Vita Fitness & Physical Therapy; (Left to right) Leo, Katie, Grant and Tommy Grabowski; Photo by Boutique Photographer Linda Smallpage; Instagram: @boutiquephotographer | Facebook: Boutique Photographer | Linkedin: Linda Smallpage

Tommy Grabowski was an All-American track and field athlete at Concordia University-Nebraska when he was sidelined by a knee injury. Being a runner his whole life, the injury felt like a disaster. After a physical therapy regimen, his knee healed, and he developed an interest in the rehabilitation process.

Deciding to pursue a doctorate in physical therapy from Concordia’s Wisconsin campus, Grabowski graduated in 2004. That same year, he founded Vita Fitness & Physical Therapy. In the 18 years since, both his family and the practice have expanded. Grabowski and his wife Katie had two children, Leo and Grant, and Vita now have clinics in both the Third Ward and Wauwatosa. Grabowski’s individualized approach to physical therapy makes everyone feel like family. His practice differs from others in that he combines specialized therapeutic techniques such as dry needling, massage and assisted stretching with targeted fitness strategies. “Most businesses are either on the fitness side or the medical side,” he says. “We’re like a medically-based gym. We really want to help people who don’t exercise or have never exercised. Many of our clients transition into a fitness program. Long-term, that’s the best thing.”

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