Video: PaperStacks and Ra’miae Talk Rap, Art and Milwaukee

The local artists sat down with Nō Studios ahead of tomorrow’s performance.

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PaperStacks wrote his first song when he was 9 years old. Born and raised in Milwaukee, PaperStacks parents were both musicians in their own right and raised him to be musical. “I have a unique voice when it comes to making music,” he says. This year, he released an album, Living Different.

“Now it’s like a pool of multiple different sounds [in Milwaukee], where you can find somebody who create soulful music and find somebody that create lit music,” PaperStacks says. “I think that’s so dope, to be surrounded by all these unique individuals.”

See PaperStacks perform live at Nō Studios on Friday at 7 p.m. Tickets and more information are available here

Nō Studios also interviewed Ra’miae, a multi-instrumental artist from Milwaukee. Ramiae first started making music in 2018, using it “as a form of healing. … Just making it for myself, just making something that really just expressed where my spirit was at.”

His work crosses hip hop, jazz, electronic and more. He’s planning to release an album in 2023.



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