Video: Milwaukee Artists Share Their Origin Stories

Nō Studios just released a new installment in its Artists Respond series.

This video was made in partnership with Nō StudiosMilwaukee Magazine is partnering with the video production company to showcase the stories of local artists and musicians. Watch for more content like this here.

This week, Nō Studios asked local bands and artists: “How did you get your start in music?”

“When I went to school, my piano teacher noticed I was really good at it,” says Schenay Mosley. “So she told my mom to get me into some piano lessons. That’s the beginning of my musical journey.” 

Noah Bayer of the band Venturer started his musical journey on the piano as well, being classically trained from a young age. In college, he invited two friends to join him and form the band, which officially started last summer. 

The Oshi first started making music as a producer at age 15, creating beats for others before she started rapping. Some of recent singles include “Big Money” and “Top Down.”

Scam Likely spent a long time trying to figure out a name for their new band, until bassist Thierry Diatta got a call from “Scam Likely” and knew he’d hit gold. 

Hear more in the video above. And check back in the weeks ahead to meet more artists in this ongoing series.



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