Video: Meet Local Latin Hip-Hop Duo Browns Crew

They sat down with John Ridley to talk about their music and Milwaukee.

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Milwaukee Latin Hip Hop duo Browns Crew spoke with John Ridley, CEO of Nō Studios, about how Milwaukee has influenced their music career and the songs they create. 

El Sabas and Cristo Paz make up Browns Crew. They met in middle school and started bonding through music in high school, listening to new artists and free styling in the lunch room. The duo recorded their first song in the basement of a cell phone shop. 

“It was very low-quality, no mixing, no mastering, but it was our first taste of recording something,” says Sabas. “And it just kept evolving from there.” 

Browns Crew won the Nō Studios Artist Grant Program in 2021. Since, they’ve put out new music, including their single and music video, “100 Mexicanos,” which is featured in the video above. And now, they wish to support the city and community that has done so much for them. 

“Big cities are not the only places that create cool people, artists, genuine folks,” says Paz. “I want to be part of the change. I don’t want to just go to a different city and now I claim that city and I forget about here. No, whatever it is, I’m gonna rep Milwaukee, hard.” 

Hear more from Sabas and Paz about their music in the video above. 



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