Video: Five Local Artists Share Their Best Advice

Nō Studios released the second installment in its “Artists Respond” series this week.

This video was made in partnership with Nō StudiosMilwaukee Magazine is partnering with the video production company to showcase the stories of local artists and musicians. Watch for more content like this here.

This week, Nō Studios asked five local musicians: “What advice would you give up-and-coming artists?”

The five – Bisca Rae, Clayton, Cre$po, Just Becca and NilexNile – shared their thoughts on standing out in the crowd, facing criticism and working hard.

“Be ready for a lot of sacrifices,” says NilexNile. “You have to let go.”

“Begin and then keep going because nothing is going to be handed to you,” says Bisca Rae.

“Make sure you have people that appreciate your work, your art,” says Just Becca. “And make sure that you reciprocate that type of love for other people.”

Hear all they have to say in the video above. And check back in the weeks ahead to meet more artists in this ongoing series.



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