Video: 2 Milwaukee Musicians Talk New Projects, Creativity and the Local Arts Scene

This week, Nō Studios interviewed Breonte and WillOnWater.

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Born and raised in Milwaukee, Breonte started out writing poetry. His poems gradually evolved into lyrics as he began rapping and singing. “I would say when I first started, the community wasn’t there,” he says. “2022, there’s a community. Lot of videographers, lot of artists, lot of creatives that are … trying to build the city up in the art community.”

This year, Breonte released an EP This Phase Won’t Pass, and in September he released the single “$tudy.”

WillOnWater is another Milwaukee artist who’s been making music since childhood. Over his career, he’s experimented with many genres, from “grungy rap” to R&B and dance music. “Everybody always says this city is lacking opportunities; you can easily become a big fish in a little pond,” he says. “I’m just trying to be the biggest fish overall so it don’t really matter where I’m at.”

Last week, he dropped the single “Overtime,” and in 2020, he released the album T(r)ap Water.

Breonte and WillOnWater perform live Friday, Nov.18 at Nō Studios at 7 p.m. For tickets and more information, click here



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