This 414 Day Video Will Make You Cry (In a Good Way)

Let’s raise a glass to the brave men and women of Brew City who are fighting to keep us safe!

April 14th. 414 Day. A joyous occasion for the residents of the 414 area code, who often spend it supporting local businesses and generally living it up with their loved ones.

Except, of course, this year. As residents observe the governor’s Safer at Home guidelines, restaurants, concert halls and bars around the city remain empty. It’s not exactly fun. But it’s necessary. 

And the local video production studio Allies & Company has just released a heartwarming short video reminding us why

We highly recommend watching it. Just grab a few tissues first. 

Milwaukee Day – 2020 from Allies & Company on Vimeo.

The video, which Allies & Company uploaded to their Vimeo account, comes with the following credits: 

Director/DP: BASH
Production: Allies & Company
Additional Footage: Michael Marten
Edit: Ryan Bingham & Josh Halverson
Music: License Lab

Additional Footage and THANKS to:
Shubhra Bharat Prasad
Amy Siegenthaler
Carly Winslow
Arthur Nienhuis
Jax Graham
Fritzie Malinis
Brook Bingham
Helen Bingham
Eligio Cholotío Mendoza
Arlene McLaurin
LaKish’a Sutton
Andrew Feller
Alive & Fine
Jackie Berndt
William Seidel
Kyle Ashley
Amelinda Burich
88.9 Radio Milwaukee
Sarah Saucer
Kelly Donaldson
Joe Regan
Andrea Coppens
Jake Stratman
Kristy Moeller
Justin Kern
Martha Switalski
John Erdtmann
Jesse Frye
Mark Waldoch
Kenny Dean Somerville
Ava Gressner
Beth Handle
Jessica Knapp
Ryan Arpke
Cherie Lininger
Jessi Rivera
Mike Krieger
Helium Hot Yoga
John Whitlock
Don Dunbar
Brent Gohde
Andy Silverman
Chelsie Layman
Shelley Gauthier
Ryan Bingham
Josh Halverson
Timm Gable

Music donated by: The License Lab
Track Title: “One For The Ages”
Composer: Brian Colin Burrows
Track ID# DAA-023-6.0



Lindsey Anderson covers culture for Milwaukee Magazine. Before joining the MilMag team she worked as an editor at the Museum of Contemporary Art Chicago and wrote freelance articles for ArtSlant and Eater.