The Best Things to Do This Week, According to Our Editors: Sept. 11

Cherry tomatoes, Milwaukee Fashion Week and more make the list.

1. Play Whiffleball at Broken Bat Brewing


My Labor Day weekend was an extravagant display of male leisure, with two fantasy football drafts taking center stage. As a reward/punishment for winning my longest-running league last year (gotta mention that, right?), I was tasked with organizing the draft weekend, and chose Broken Bat Brewing (135 E. Pittsburgh Ave.) for our draft site. The Lumber Room, a beautiful event space above the also-beautiful taproom, hosted our group of nerds, and Broken Bat’s beer has come a long way in the past year or so under a new head brewer. My faves were the Fungo American lager, Schtoinker dunkelweizen and the märzen-style Mr. Octoberfest. But the post-draft whiffleball was the clear highlight. We pitched, hit and sprinted around the bases on the small (but plenty big) astroturf field in the brewery portion of the building for an hour longer than we expected. Our group had four players on each team, which was fine with substitute runners, but 10 or 12 would be ideal for game play and to further spread out the $160/hour cost. 

Whiffleball at Broken Bat Brewing in Walker’s Point. Photo by Chris Drosner

2. See Dad’s Season Tickets at Sunset Playhouse


I’m going to say upfront that I’m not a huge fan of musical theater. Like, at all, to be completely honest. The singing, the dancing, the whimsy and joy – it’s not really my thing. I’m more of a sit alone in the darkness listening to Deathconsciousness on repeat for five hours kind of guy. So I have to admit that I wasn’t exactly brimming with enthusiasm, when my coworker Brianna invited me to see her partner Jordan perform in Dad’s Season Tickets at Sunset Playhouse on Friday. Well, now’s as good a time as any to admit that I was wrong. The show was a ton of fun. If you haven’t heard about it, Dad’s Season Tickets follows an aging father who must choose which of his daughters will get his Packers season tickets in his will. Hijinks ensue. It’s a lighthearted romp through the borderline-religious fervor that is Packers fandom – with songs like “I Love You More Than Football” and “What Do You Do With a Bye Week?” The cast really brings that loveable goofballery to life, and the audience at my showing clearly got into the Wisconsin spirit of the thing. The show’s running through Sept. 24 – I’d highly recommend it for a night out. Has it converted me to musical theater? I don’t know if I’d go that far, but I have caught myself whistling “When the Packers Play” more than once.

3. Read Weyward by Emilia Hart


I just finished Weyward by Emilia Hart, and it was such a great read! The novel follows three generations of women – one who is being tried as a witch in 1619, another who is stuck living in a less-than-ideal situation at her father’s estate in 1942 and one who escapes an abusive relationship, finding refuge in an old family cottage in 2019. They’re all connected, too, though I won’t share how. The novel tells a beautiful story of nature, womanhood and power – I was gripped throughout the whole thing. I highly recommend. 

Photo by Brianna Schubert

4. Slow Roast Your Cherry Tomatoes


This year I had a bumper crop of cherry tomatoes I grew in a huge pot on my back porch. Last weekend, I went home from a family dinner with the gift of gifts – a paper bag of more home-grown, candy-sweet little beauties. I will never turn down a fresh garden tomato. And the cherry ones are one of my favorite snacks. Got a ton of them? Make sauce… or slow-roast them until they become tangy, almost chewy, intensely tomatoey baby bites that go perfect on anything. Or just eat them as is. 

Photo by Ann Christenson

5. Go to Milwaukee Fashion Week

Yes, Milwaukee has a fashion week. And while it may not be to the scale of New York or Milan, there will be plenty of runways. Events include streetwear and high-fashion showcases, the Edessa School of Fashion Show and Fashion Fest. Come dressed to impress Sept. 14-17. 

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