The Best Things to Do This Week, According to Our Editors: Aug. 28

Watch the Brewers take on the Cubs, hit the South Shore Farmers Market and more.

1. Watch the Brewers Take on the Cubs


Milwaukee baseball fans know well that every season is one of ebbs and flows, and, man, the Brewers are flowing right now. Since a gut punch of a sweep against a really good Dodgers team at Chavez Ravine, Milwaukee has rattled off eight straight wins capped with three wins this weekend against the heels of the National League, the San Diego Padres. Up next tonight through Wednesday is a series at Wrigley Field against the Cubs, who have ben streaking a bit themselves but still find themselves four games behind the Brewers. It’s a little early to be talking about division knockout blows, but if the Brewers can run their streak into the double digits this week, meaningful October baseball would seem like a lock. Mon-Tue 7:05, Wed 1:20 

2. Go to Elsa’s on a Monday … and Eat Chicken


I’ve been going to Elsa’s forever so the special Monday night menu served there is kind of old news to me. But not to everyone, I was reminded on a recent visit with some extended family. The story is this: Elsa’s has a sister restaurant in Scottsdale, Ariz., called AZ88. Every Monday, in an homage to the chicken sandwiches that AZ88 is known for, Elsa’s switches up their menu. An Elsa’s pork dish becomes chicken, for one day only. So that pork calabrese sandwich? It’s chicken calabrese. The pork teriyaki salad? It becomes chicken teriyaki salad. Everything else stays the same. A case-of-the-Mondays solved with poultry. 

South Shore Famers Market; Photo by Ann Christenson


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3. Shop at South Shore Farmers Market


I finally got to a farmers market this summer. On Saturday, I went to South Shore’s market for the first time. I had heard it was great from many people, and you can take this as my official confirmation that it is, indeed, great. There were a lot of vendors, all with an impressive selection of fresh produce. My haul? Admittedly, it was kind of random – a few eggplants, radishes, jalapeños, onions and a bouquet of fresh flowers – but I can’t wait to use them in the recipes I’m planning to cook this week. South Shore Farmers Market runs every Saturday from 8 a.m. to noon, through Oct. 28. Maybe I’ll see you there! 

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4. Read Rememberings by Sinead O’Connor


Sinead O’Connor’s early music came out when I was just a girl and I loved it. I was an MTV kid and remember dancing to her videos in my living room. But I largely forgot about her until her passing in July. The last several weeks I’ve been listening to music I hadn’t heard for decades, rediscovering and loving it all over again. In interviews over the years, O’Connor talked about her unhappy childhood, and in her most recent video and social media posts, the Irish musician appeared to be struggling. In all the reading I’ve done lately, I learned about her 2021 memoir, Rememberings, now the newest book to land on my bedside table. I’m not too far into it but far enough to appreciate O’Connor’s singular writing, which, despite the very sad history she relates, can be quite funny – something I don’t recall hearing in her interviews. There are reasons she did the controversial things she is most remembered for, and I suspect they lie in this book.

5. Go for a Walk at County Grounds Park


As we editors were planning our July cover story (posted digitally earlier this month), we debated whether to frame it as hiking or walking, and ultimately decided to mix more strenuous outings with more casual ambles. My main contribution to this package was on the easy end of this spectrum, with an unqualified endorsement of the County Grounds Park. I explore this gem just about every week, and one thing I love about it is how the rolling prairie changes from month to month and even week to week as the flowers cycle through. Right now, its meadows are spangled in goldenrod and other yellow blossoms, and the verdant green is starting to edge toward the darker hues of fall. The weather this week is looking pretty great, so if you’ve never been, it’s a perfect time to check out this gem. Across from the medical complex; follow 87th Street north and then west from Watertown Plank Road