September 2015: The New Brew City

0915_webCurrent Issue: September 2015


Something’s Brewing
From beer made with squid (and quinoa made with beer) to growler bars and great locally made IPAs, our beer scene is bigger and better than ever.
By Ann Christenson, Alexa Grunwaldt, Claire Hanan, Dan Murphy and Sara Trimble

The Banishment of John McAdams
Did Marquette University violate the free speech rights of a tenured professor? Or is he a cyber bully?
By RT Both | Photos by Adam Ryan Morris

Residual Effects
One in 10 of Milwaukee’s young children have some form of lead poisoning. What should be done about it?
By Matt Hrodey | Photos by Sara Stathas

The Glory of Beer
Editor Kurt Chandler’s monthly letter to our readers.
By Kurt Chandler


Retiring on Tobacco
Should Wisconsin turn over a new leaf when it comes to investing in tobacco companies?
By Matt Hrodey

Daddy Long Legs
By Sara Trimble

First Mate
One of the state’s shortest-serving governors, Scott McCallum knows what it’s like to take over in a power vacuum.
By Corrinne Hess

Green Gold
How the Journal Sentinel got lucky with a relic from its past.
By Erik Gunn

In Its Infancy
By Matt Hrodey

Who wants to become a substitute teacher? School districts can’t find enough.
By Kristine Hansen

The Big Chill
When it’s time for rehab, big-time Brewers head north to Appleton.
By Kyle Lobner



A Little Class
These homegrown designers of luxury children’s clothing have made it big across the country. so why are they still under the radar in Milwaukee?
By Claire Hanan

Literary Devices
Exotic Milwaukee locations, the pace of life and a solid writers group craft the recipe for a local author’s fully cooked novels.
By Sarah C. Lange

Beneath the Surface
A Milwaukee inventor has created a tool for artists that is changing the way they work.
By Rich Rovito

Star Trek
Reviewing Tigernite’s self-titled debut album.
By Kevin Mueller

Scene and Heard
Your guide to Milwaukee’s performing arts scene, which is finer than ever.
By Paul Kosidowski

The Shows of the Season
By Debra Brehmer

Fall Films Guide
There’s something for everyone in this selection of the cinematic offerings that hit the city’s big screen’s this season.
By Duane Dudek


Coming Home
The most authentic discovery brought back from China.
By Matthew Wisla


Dye Job
Mr. Dye’s Pies took shape when its creator needed to start a new career. So far, it’s been sweeter than he expected.
By Ann Christenson

Riverwest Sauce
Two brothers pay homage to their Italian ancestry in their third-generation bar/restaurant.
By Ann Christenson

Mighty Duck
By Kevin Mueller

South by North Shore
Soul food sides rule the roost at Nino’s.
By Ann Christenson

Down to the Letter
Typography artist Sara Linkus’ emphatic signs elevate bars and restaurants.
By Ann Christenson


Trixie Mattel (real name Brian Firkus) was the first Milwaukee contestant on “Rupaul’s Drag Race.” She’s only just begun.
By Zach Brooke


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