October 2013: Best of 2013

October 2013: Best of 2013


Best of 2013
Thirty-plus years of ferreting out Best Ofs has honed our mad skills. Pick a category – politics, the arts, food and drink, and much more – and discover the city you thought you knew.
Edited by Claire Hanan

Endangered Species
The dated BMO Harris Bradley Center puts the Milwaukee Bucks at an economic disadvantage. Some think we’ll lose the team without a new arena. But who’ll pay for it?
By Doug Russell

The Lion Awakens
Milwaukee’s Simbas youth club challenged the perception of soccer as a white suburban kid’s sport. The story of Simbas’ rise and fall, and its hopeful resurrection.
By James Carlton


Lake Invaders
They make look like small-fry, but Lake Michigan’s aquatic intruders have not come in peace.
By Abby Callard

The Bus Stops Here
A hub for transit in the city cost millions and sat nearly empty for decades. Now, it’ll die.
By Matt Hrodey

The Magic Motorcycle
A Harley-Davidson sails the high seas to deliver a memorial message to the shores of Canada.
By John Scott Lewinski

Final Frontier
Welcome to the future of communes.
By Kristine Hansen

The Lambeau Look
The Packers’ James Jones, looking real good.
By Claire Hanan

Collateral Knowledge
Whole genome sequencing can reveal genetic mutations responsible for complicated diseases, but it can also reveal other mutations. How much do patients want to know?
By Julie A. Jacob


Running on Empty
The daily beat of life gets interrupted when a separate reality lands in our path, reminding us that comfort and privilege are not necessarily the norm.
By Kurt Chandler


Sky-High Gallery
A new public art exhibition brings 18 organizations together in a splashy, unorthodox way. And you might have trouble avoiding it.
By Paul Kosidowski


He’s The Man
Pizza Man. The old North Avenue den is reborn on Downer in digs that make the old one look like a place to go spelunking.
By Ann Christenson

Door Number 2
Crazy Water offshoot AP Bar and Kitchen enters a far more dining-competitive Walker’s Point.
By Ann Christenson


Poster Child
Polka bar owner Andy Kochanski, a hero to gun activists.
By Matt Hrodey


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