November 2019

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The Betty Awards

For our inaugural awards honoring the memory of our late publisher, we chose six Milwaukee women who personify her extraordinary qualities.
By Elly Fishman

Women Who Made Milwaukee

Focusing their energies on suffrage, fair housing, education and much more, these 11 women stand out in our city’s history.
By Anna Lardinois, Matthew J. Prigge and Hannah Hoffmeister

Women’s Work

Despite the progress made in recent years, Wisconsin women still don’t earn as much as their male co-workers and are underrepresented in the executive ranks.
By Lindsey Anderson

YOUR 414

The Doctor Is In

The Public Museum’s first woman president proves that brilliant scientists can also make brilliant leaders.
By Lindsey Anderson

Surreal Deal

Tory Folliard Gallery is throwing a birthday party for a local painter who would have turned 100 this year.
By Karisa Langlo

Culture Cosmos

Meet a choreographer who interprets the adage “all the world’s a stage” more literally than most, plus a few more of the city’s coolest creatives.
By Milwaukee Magazine Staff and Contributors


Unrehearsed plays, a heated hockey game and fancy dress parties are just a few of the things we’re thankful for this month.
By Lindsey Anderson


The Big Story: Hopping Downtown

The key to measuring the success of Milwaukee’s year-old streetcar is viewing it as a development tool as much as a transit project.
By Larry Sandler

Conventional Wisdom

Meet the Democratic operative who’s planning the biggest party party in Milwaukee’s history.
By Zach Brooke

Footsteps of Dahmer

The Cream City Cannibal tour rehashes one of the city’s most painful episodes.
By Anna Miller


Phoenix Rising

Three businesswomen who are helping the Sherman Phoenix development thrive
By Ann Christenson

Good Gourd

Seven yummy ways to embrace the pumpkin spice trend
By Ann Christenson

Restaurant Review: Kin by Rice n Roll

Tosa’s Kin by Rice n Roll makes a great, fishy statement.
By Ann Christenson


Sharon Purifoy is challenging preconceptions – in the firehouse and on her own plate.
As told to Adam Rogan

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