November 2017

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Addressing Our Insensitivity
A discussion about the controversy surrounding a photo published in our September issue.
By Milwaukee Magazine Staff


Born to Run
Randy Bryce came roaring out of obscurity on a quest to defeat Paul Ryan. Can an ironworker topple the speaker of the House?
By Annette Witheridge

Look How Far We Haven’t Come
Milwaukee has some catching up to do in terms of pay and leadership positions for women in business. But local execs explain why they think the tide is turning.
By Anna Miller

A Deadly Blast
The Milwaukee police station bombing of 1917, a crime stamped with cinematic twists and turns and horrific loss of lives, has never been solved. A riveting look at this historic mystery.
By Doug Moe


Breaking Ground
Gus Ramirez’s bold new school
By Georgia Pabst

What Happens to Zoo Animals During the Winter?
Where zoo animals go during the winter
By Matt Hrodey

Yard Sale
Cheap second-hand treasures from the state government

Exposing Scientology
Hiding out from Scientology in West Allis.
By Mario Quadracci


Life of the Party
Kathy Crocker shows how to host Thanksgiving for 30, in style.
By Lindsey Anderson

In Harmony
The MSO’s new chorus director hits all the right notes.
By Paul Kosidowski

Members Only
A wonderfully weird exhibition opens at the Museum of Wisconsin Art this month.
By Lindsey Anderson

Listen Up
Ex Fabula’s storytellers show us that truth is sometimes stranger than fiction, and more compelling
By Lindsey Anderson

Our calendar of cultural fun


Street Life
Why a visit to The Diplomat should include fries, trout and bacon blue cheese salad
By Ann Christenson

Make Yourself Cozy
The page that will bring comfort to cold mornings
By Ann Christenson

Night Moves
Pasta flights at Brady Street’s clubby Dorsia
By Ann Christenson

Bathroom Reading
Unconventional “reading rooms”
By Robert Simonson

Ask Ann
Is New American cuisine truly definable?
By Ann Christenson


Braveheart Boy
The suicide of a young Chinese man shows a different side of mega iPhone maker Foxconn.
By Dan Simmons

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