November 2015: Who Runs This Town?


The Most Influential People in Milwaukee
The movers and shakers and wheelers and dealers who make things happen.
Edited by Kurt Chandler | Photographs by Adam Ryan Morris
Written by Ann Christenson, Erik Gunn, Claire Hanan, Matt Hrodey, Howie Magner, Laura Merisalo, Georgia Pabst, Rich Rovito, Dan Shafer & Jon Anne Willow

A Quiet Elegance
Milwaukee’s East Side neighborhood of North Point has always been a place of distinction and style. In an excerpt from his new book, ‘Milwaukee: City of Neighborhoods,’ local historian John Gurda leads readers through North Point’s storied past.
By John Gurda

Into the Woods
Fate took their sight, or limbs, or left them with other health issues, but their love of hunting remained strong. Now, one volunteer group makes sure that love doesn’t go unrequited.
By Daniel Simmons | Photos by Sara Stathas

Family Feud
Rebecca Kleefisch and her gay uncle were once as close as sister and brother. Her bizarre condemnation of same-sex marriage during her campaign for lieutenant governor drove a wedge between the two. They haven’t spoken since.
By Corrinne Hess

Power Play
Editor Kurt Chandler’s monthly letter to our readers.
By Kurt Chandler


Marginal Medicine
Will a promising treatment for Alzheimer’s receive the attention it deserves?
By Claire Hanan

One-sentence Stories
By Matt Hrodey

Worlds Apart
UW-Milwaukee founded an online campus on Second Life in 2008 that remains active.
By Rich Rovito

High Fidelity
Bob Paquette maintains a private museum of antique microphones in Walker’s Point.
By Matt Hrodey

Never Bettered
Where the world’s catchiest legal slogan came from.
By Matt Hrodey

Catch Fire
Crowdfunding’s about so much more than solar cell phone chargers and breathable men’s briefs. It’s about dreams.
By Matt Hrodey

Interested in running for president? Let’s get you started.
By Claire Hanan


Walk Their Way
Footwear fanatic Eric James is putting his vision to work in the Shorewood sneaker shop Clicks.
By Claire Hanan

Sharp Angles
Much changed when the Museum of Wisconsin Art’s Flashy new building opened in 2013. Did those changes work?
By Rich Rovito

Wax on Racks
Thanks to a renewed interest in old-school records, more musicians are releasing music on wax. Accordingly, local shops now accommodate a wide range of tastes and price points.
By Kevin Mueller

Flash Mob
One photographer is trying to make life a little easier for local shutterbugs.
By Kristine Hanson

5 Things You Need to Know About Bucks Music Man DJ O
By Dan Shafer

Challenge: Attend every happening this month. Tell us, and be rewarded.
By Claire Hanan

Different Wavelengths
By Paul Kosidowski


Wisconsin’s Secret Society
Is this the beginning of the end for the public’s right to an open government?
By Bill Leuders


On the Rum
In the name of all things fusion, Wauwatosa is home to a speakeasy-tiki-small-plates joint called Lucky Joe’s.
By Ann Christenson

Stop, Drop and Roll
Kawa Japanese Restaurant makes a strong raw calling in the new-restaurant-deprived North Shore.
By Ann Christenson

The Pot Thickens
As we settle into soup season, here are three local specimens our spoons return to again and again.
By Ann Christenson

Slowing Down
Fondy’s Jennifer Casey is a slow food advocate who relishes her role as a “pollinator” connecting people with crucial food issues.
By Ann Christenson

Big Ash
We review Nice Ash Cigar Bar.
By Howie Magner

Hot Inside
By Ann Christenson


Since starting the Marquette Law School Poll in 2012, Charles Franklin has predicted every major election result. Is he lucky or good?
By Avrum D. Lank


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