Milwaukee Health 2018

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Most Fit
Seven local fitness freaks who inspire with their commitment to being active, in some cases against all odds.
By Carolyn Kott Washburne

18 Tips for a Happier, Healthier You
And they’re so easy to integrate into your life – things as simple as laughing or supporting a local community foundation.
By Maggie Ginsberg

People like Muskego preteen Ashley Rohde are thriving because of the work the Leukemia and Lymphoma Society is doing for blood cancer patients.
By Dan Simmons


Fab Frames
“Four eyes” is a compliment if you’re in these gorgeous glasses.
By Elisabeth Wallock

The Big Chill
Fight inflammation and pain one degree at a time.
By Lindsey Anderson

The Time for Brine
Pickled veggies can be delicious, healthful additions to a meal.
By Ann Christenson

Move Along
High-intensity interval training is the workout for the easily bored.
By Maggie Ginsberg

Splendor in the Sand
Tee off at a breathtaking new resort just a few hours from Milwaukee.
By Doug Moe

Live Well

Home Body
Need exercise motivation? Set up a gym in your home.
By Lindsey Anderson

On the Move
These fluid, comfortable pieces work into an active lifestyle.
By Elisabeth Wallock

Forever Young
Regain your youthful look with the latest anti-aging treatments.
By Suzanne Gerber

Eat Well

Start the Day Deliciously
Mornings are a snap with tasty recipes from the new Minimalist Kitchen cookbook.
By Melissa Coleman

Meals on Wheels
We score local meal services on taste, healthiness and convenience.
By Anna Miller

In Praise of Plants
Meet the plant-based players making culinary inroads here.
By Ann Christenson, with contributions by Elizabeth Elving

Stay Well

Sleep Smarter
Here’s how to stay on top of those crucial, health-helping ZZZs.
By Matt Hrodey

A Whole Treatment
We talk “lifestyle” medicine with a local physician and advocate.
By Tom Tolan

Be a Proactive Patient
They’re lesser known, but they just might save your life.
By Suzanne Gerber

Find Your Meditation Style
A guide to finding the meditation style that’s perfect for you
By Karisa Langlo


A Planned End
A terminally ill woman decides to die on her own terms.
By Carolyn Kott Washburn


Do you ever take time out from your devices for a day (or even an hour)?
Readers share why regular breaks from smartphones are essential.

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