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July 2017 Milwaukee Health coverFEATURES

Take It Outside
Fire up your grill for these healthy, delish summer recipes–skirt steak tacos, tofu with spicy peanut sauce and more.

Stay Healthy in your 60s, 70s and Beyond
How do you fight age-related deterioration? Here you’ll learn what to expect, along with the approaches to take to keep the consequences of decline at bay.
By Suzanne Gerber

Milwaukee’s Most Fit
Six people whose reasons and methods for staying in shape may differ but whose message is the same: Find your passion and stick with it.
By Carolyn Kott Washburne

The Wheel Thing
For Wheel & Sprocket CEO Chris Kegel, biking was tightly woven into the fabric of his life. He sold bikes, yes, but he was a passionate, tireless advocate for the activity that made him an unforgettable figure in the biking community.
By Pamela Hill Nettleton


Sweat-Proof Products That Really Work
How effective are sweat-resistant cosmetics?
By Elisabeth Wallock

Get Your Kicks!
Women’s athletic shoes that raise the comfy and cute quotient.
By Elisabeth Wallock

Everyone’s Best Friend
Learn CPR for your BFF, plus a feline mind-blowing catnip toy and the healing power of therapy dogs.
By Tom Tolan

Take a Stand
A standing desk might be your game-changer. Some pros and cons.
By Matt Hrodey

Gutting It Out
Lifters’ Gut, and the healing power of horseradish.
By Matt Hrodey


Work It Out!
If your exercise routine is just that–routine–try some out-of-the-box workouts, like ballet barre and hot yoga.
By Sara Rae Lancaster

The Alternative Route
Treating common injuries with Chinese medicine, chiropractic care and yoga therapy.
By Rich Rovito

Burn Data
Feel the burn! How many calories activities like tennis, golf and fishing expend.
By Dan Simmons


A Holistic Perspective
Certified nutritional practitioner Maria Viall is all about making healthy eating realistic and do-able.
By Ann Christenson

The Drive to Drink
Beer and exercise are thick as thieves in Brew City. But how far should that relationship go? Also, a list of fun runs for people who like to end things on a foamy note.
By Kristine Solomon

Where Do You Like to Walk?
Our social-media followers share their favorite routes.

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