May 2017: Hidden Milwaukee

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Hidden Milwaukee
Thought you knew everything about this town? All its secrets? We bet you don’t. And we have the treasure hunts, sleeper restaurants, ghostly old cemeteries and speakeasies to prove it.
Edited by Matt Hrodey

Going Coastal
Darling it’s better. Down where it’s wetter. Take it from me. The “Little Mermaid” anthem applies to a proposed marine sanctuary that would give federal protection to a stretch of Lake Michigan waters north of Lake Michigan that’s rich in shipwrecks. Mermaids, mermen, assemble.
By Zach Brooke

Skin in the Game
Jon Ferraro excels at running strip clubs, winning lawsuits and irritating City Hall. A look at the man who lives alone in a mansion with his pit bull and swears he views all those naked ladies the way the rest of us see wallpaper.
By Steven Potter


The Rock
What’s wrong with the Milwaukee County Jail?
By Casey Tolan

Fun to Stay
A south Side center is back from the brink.
By Zach Brooke

Scent of a City
There’s something in the air.
By Matt Hrodey

Drops in the Bucket
The city’s slush fund.
By Matt Hrodey


Adieu, Edo!
Edo de Waart’s MSO swan song.
By Paul Kosidowski

Close Shave
A sharp role for this Skylight Theater actor.

A Life in Images
An expansive retrospective devoted to artist Tom Bamberger.
By Pamela Hill Nettleton

Night at the Museum
Milwaukee Public Museum’s sleepovers for grownups.
By Kristine Hansen

Jane Eyre Revisited
An especially dramatic and dynamic Jane Eyre.
By Paul Kosidowski

The merry month of May.


Tops of the Morning
Savor your weekend mornings at one of these eight great brunch spots.
By Ann Christenson

Bloody Good
Weekends call for “Bloody measures.”
By Ann Christenson

A Tippling Tradition
Welcome our new imbibing column, “Notes from Brandyland.”
By Robert Simonson

Ask Ann
“Ask Ann” your deepest dining questions. Our critic is here for you.
By Ann Christenson


A Work in Progress
What happens when our Girl About Town web columnist becomes New Mom? Ecstacy, agony and on-the-job breast milk pumping.
By Jenna Kashou

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