May 2016 Issue: There’s Something About Dean

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Everybody Loves Dean
Dean Strang was a little-known criminal defense attorney before the documentary about Manitowoc convicted killer Steven Avery made him a media sensation.
By Doug Moe

Creature Feature
An enchanting thing happens in spring: Ephemeral pools form in wetlands, and fill with amphibians and other forms of life. Don some waders and find out why that’s so.
By Erik Ness

Driving Through Time
Our Uber-driving copy editor offers a glimpse into his fascinating world of ferrying locals to their destinations and explains why taxi drivers are less than enamored with this ride-sharing service.
By Tom Tolan

Hello, Milwaukee!
Meet Carole Nicksin, the new editor-in-chief of Milwaukee Magazine.
By Carole Nicksin


Motor Running
How a Bay View lady terrorized the city and evaded police.
By Matt Hrodey

Fire and Brimstone
The Milwaukee Archdiocese fought its bankruptcy tooth and nail. Leaders elsewhere took a different approach.
By Marie Rohde

Housing Crisis
Improving rental options for the poor. (Read the expanded interview with Evicted author Matthew Desmond here.)
By Carole Nicksin

The Nerves
New tools for overcoming shyness.
By Matt Hrodey

Political Capital
10 ways for Gov. Scott Walker to pay off his campaign debt.
By Matt Hrodey

Oh, Dam
This road to political attack ads was paved with good intentions.
By Matt Hrodey


On the Moves
Old fables and true stories take center stage in these dance performances from three major Milwaukee companies.
By Paul Kosidowski

Founder’s Day
The founding fathers: a remix.
By Paul Kosidowski

These three female rappers use their music to tackle the tough stuff.
By Steven Potter

6 Reasons to Check Out Milworks
Menswear for the discerning lumberjack.
By Claire Hanan

Handmade Milwaukee
Let there be light.
By Claire Hanan

Rooms for Improvement
A home-remodeling dream team remakes the North Shore.
By Rich Rovito

Words With Friends
Channel your inner Hemingway.
By Claire Hanan

Music Man
Joel Whitburn, 76, is a living encyclopedia of popular music factoids and a platinum-certified Milwaukee treasure.
By Zach Brooke

In the Clear
The 20-minute glass-blowing masterpiece.
By Matt Hrodey

Consider us your cruise director.
By Claire Hanan


The Kids Are All Right
Mothering is mostly a self-navigated journey, but even with some wrong turns, you can end up in the right place.
By Pamela Hill Nettleton


Eye of the Tyger
Brady Street’s new small-plate restaurant jockeys for position in the pack.
By Ann Christenson

A Casual Spread
Kick at-home snacking up a notch with these delectable, local goodies.
By Ann Christenson

Hitting the High Notes
Sax player Jay Anderson’s music is nurtured by his love of farming and cooking.
By Ann Christenson

Latin Lure
Bay View’s C-viche combines the bold, biting flavors of Latin America with a warm, forthright Milwaukee aesthetic.
By Ann Christenson


During two decades in the Air Force, Ismael “Izzy” Bonilla was stationed all over the world. Now, he’s Milwaukee County’s Airport Director.
By Dan Shafer

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