May 2014: Must Eat Dishes


Must Eat Dishes
Our indispensable, try-before-you-die guide to the sweetest, saltiest, spiciest and savoriest dishes in town.
By Ann Christenson

Poker Face
Worshipped and hated, Gov. Scott Walker has split the state’s electorate like a deck of cards. Will the unflappable cool that’s carried him through a tumultuous first term win him a second?
By Matt Hrodey

Comic Relief
A loving advocate of kids with special needs. A foul-mouthed comic with a twisted mind. Will the real Ryan Lowe please stand up?
By Tyler Maas


Game of Thrones
Ald. Michael Murphy, the new Milwaukee Common Council president, arranges the chairs of the powers that be.
By Larry Sandler

Come With Us, Please
Immigration dragnets could be having a chilling effect on local courthouses.
By Abby Callard 

Supply Chained
In the U.S., you can buy a gun just about anywhere. So why is ammunition so hard to find?
By Andy Vrakas 

School’s Out
Hobbled by budget cuts, the press is largely absent in its coverage of education.
By Dan Shafer

Fake or Frank?
The debate over new suburban homes that claim to take design cues from the late architect.
By Kristine Hansen 

Condoms for All, and All for Safe Sex
A new plan aims to provide Milwaukee teenagers with free condoms – and reduce the prevalence of sexually transmitted infections.
By Carolyn Kott Washburne 

A Natural Fit
Summer-ready pieces inspired by the Southwest.
By Claire Hanan


Worn Identity
A display of Middle Eastern and Arab clothing unveils the complex web of cultural influences that reach far beyond aesthetics.
By Claire Hanan


Feeding the Soul
Todd Umhoefer, the man behind Old Earth, doesn’t let much get in the way of making the music he loves.
By Tyler Maas


John Dargle Jr.
New County Parks director John Dargle Jr. is – dare we say? – still green to the job. But he’s got big plans to shake up the status quo.
By Claire Hanan


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