May 2013: Food Lover’s Guide


Food Lover’s Guide
Where to find the best butchers, cheeses, seafood, spices, bakeries, chocolate and even ethnic grocery stores. Plus classes and 17 of the finest made artisinal products.
Edited and written by Ann Christenson with Abby Callard, Claire Hanan & Matt Hrodey

Battle for the Hills
A deep vein of iron ore that runs though the wooded hills of Northern Wisconsin has divided public opinion in a state already mired in partisanship. But the deepest divisions of all run through the hearts of the men and women who live, work and play in the bucolic Penokee region. This is their story.
By Erik Gunn

A Work of Art
The Milwaukee Art Museum’s most celebrated employee, Barbara Brown Lee, is also its encyclopedia of institutional knowledge. She’s revamped programs, turning them into national models of excellence, and educated thousands of Milwaukeeans over her 50-year tenure. But even in retirement, she’s not leaving MAM behind just yet.
By Howie Magner

Glitter vs. Grit
Yes, there’s the kitsch – fishnets and pro wrestling-worthy stage names. But behind the theatrics is a growing volunteer-run organization full of actual athletes. Can roller derby become a mainstream sport?
By Abby Callard


Growing Power
How the city makes millions crowdsourcing one of the world’s most reliable fertilizers.
By Marie Rohde

A Sporting Chance
Can Marquette build two top lacrosse programs from the ground up?
By Dan Murphy

Presentation is Everything
A local potter does the dishes that chefs love to use
By Ann Christenson

The Final Lesson
Milwaukee Public Schools will lose at least 503 teachers this spring.
By Abby Callard 

Sweet Little Money Maker
The market for vacation rentals is stronger than ever, allowing part-time landlords to turn a not-so-easy dollar.
By Leah Dobkin

Fashion Forward
This Milwaukee Bucks rookie is no fashion novice.
By Claire Hanan 

Giving Voice
How a Froedtert surgeon helped police Lt. Brian Murphy keep talking.
By Kristine Hansen


Urban Solace
Sometimes, the path to recovery involves an actual path
By Stacie M. Williams


Turning Pointe
For 40 years, this former dancer has been the thread running through Milwaukee Ballet. This month, she takes a final bow.
By Paul Kosidowski


The Pilgrim
A firsthand observer of the election of Pope Francis shares his insights.
By Matt Hrodey


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