March 2017 Issue: The Chef Issue

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Table Talk
For our first roundtable conversation, we sat eight of the city’s best chefs down and fired off the restaurant-related questions we’ve always wanted to ask. Here is their unscripted no-holds-barred powwow.
By Ann Christenson

Great Migrants
We’re used to tales of crime and blight on the North Side. Here, a nationally acclaimed photojournalist tells a different story, of people who came to Milwaukee for work and created a strong community with a Southern tinge.
By Chris Arnade

Guiding Reince
He’s never held elective office, yet now Reince Priebus holds one of the nation’s most powerful jobs in Donald Trump’s inner circle. Can a short guy with a funny name make order out of chaos and keep the Trump train surging forward? We take a look back at his early years as Kenosha’s Alex P. Keaton.
By Joe Potente


Washed Up
Milwaukee’s political clout… What clout?
By Joe Potente

Fighting Spirit
Retired oncologist Dr. John Hanson is now fighting cancer with his new foundation.
By Matt Hrodey

Our Bygone Ballpark
Borchert Field is a baseball fan’s blast from the past.
By Matt Hrodey

Drinks with Joe Pabst
Supporting causes like anti-bullying is Joe Pabst’s bailiwick.
By Carole Nicksin

Urban Rabbits
Meet your neighbor – the urban bunny.
By Matt Hrodey


Launch Pad
This local high school cultivates the talents of the artistically inclined.
By Steven Potter

The Next Movement
Evaluating the Milwaukee Symphony’s ambitious plans to move its own digs.
By Rich Rovito

Taking to the Streets
Military-influenced looks offered up by a popular local blogger.
By Drew Westphal & Elisabeth Wallock

Water Worries
A call-to-protect our Great Lakes
By Kristine Hansen

Literary Endeavors
What four Milwaukee heavy hitters are reading.
By Rich Rovito

Theatah, sports, a fashion show and much more to march you into Spring!


A Cheesehead Ripens
Just a cheesehead? Being a Wisconsinite is far more nuanced. Take it from a native.
By Michael Perry


Fixated on Fins
A new option for the seafood lover in you.
By Ann Christenson

Dish of the Month
A Chinese hot pot how-to. Easy, fun and super-tasty!


Burghardt Sporting Goods
From school supplies to baseball bats: Burghardt Sporting Goods’ remarkable 135 years in biz.
By Kristine Hansen

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