March 2015: Food Lover’s Guide

March 2015March 2015 - The Food Lover's Guide


The Epicure’s Guide to Milwaukee
Your entry to the city at its most tasteful. We dish up this culinary compendium with the same euphoria and air of fun as the baker on our cover. Ten pages of gastronomic guidance on topics like choosing the right cooking knives and equipment, which kitchen tools chefs favor, where to improve your cooking skills, the most inspiring cookbooks and troves more.
Edited by Ann Christenson

A City’s Tragedy
The fatal shooting of Dontre Hamilton resembles other deaths at the hands of police in Ferguson, Mo., New York City, Cleveland – and Milwaukee. A grim coincidence, or a recurring injustice?
By Corrinne Hess

On Pointe
Michael Pink has an enviable pedigree: the Royal Ballet at age 11. Friend and colleague of Rudolf Nureyev. Lured to lead the Milwaukee Ballet in 2002, his aim is simple yet distinctive – to tell stories through the art of dance.
By Paul Kosidowski

Editor Kurt Chandler’s monthly letter to our readers.
By Kurt Chandler


Bottom of the Class
There’s no shortage of plans for what to do about Bradley Tech, MPS’ ailing trade school. But which is right?
By Kay Nolan

The Hoan Bridge Blues
We keep repainting it the same colors, and nobody seems to care.
By Matt Hrodey

Deep Blue
A financial analyst’s unlikely career in shipwreck exploration.
By Marcella Jones

Edited by Ann Christenson

All Roads Lead to Walker’s Point
The city’s former warehouse district is the new hub for tech and innovation.
By Dan Shafer

Still Hanging On
Adaptive Adventures helps people with disabilities get a piece of the action.
By Tim McCormick

The Open Road
An interstate boomlet south to the border is adding commerce to southeastern Wisconsin.
By Denise Lockwood

A Target on Cancer
How a precision treatment makes life easier on patients.
By Jeff Karzen

It’s About Time
Sporty or sleek, these men’s watches make an impact.
By Claire Hanan


The Door Swings Both Ways
The changes and choices in the lives of a mother and daughter are revealed against the backdrop of a Downtown bar.
By Steph Kilen


A Moving Tribute
Danceworks and UWM come together to stage a performance honoring the late Ed Burgess.
By Paul Kosidowski

Five Guys
A performance for anyone who has ever wanted to be a fly on the wall in the Oval Office.
By Paul Kosidowski

Best Bets: March
A play for Oval Office buffs, the MPM’s new permanent exhibit (boasting a holographic mummy), a 40-year-old Swiss mime troupe and more.


Tom Ciula
A beer judge with the unlikely name of “Grynder” has much to say about Wisco beer.
By Claire Hanan


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