Local Experts Share Their Summer Beauty Tips

Look your best this beach season with this advice.

WELL Spa + Salon


Elizabeth R. Walsh-Zimmermann; Photo courtesy of WELL Spa + Salon
What makes the WELL Spa + Salon at The Pfister so special?

Guests can enjoy our curated services and upgrades that are specially created for healing, anti-aging, relaxation and rejuvenation. Most of our spa services offer complimentary amenities, including a two-room treatment suite with your own private walk-in shower and restroom, organic essential oils, a warm robe, personalized music and more. But most importantly, every guest receives a personalized experience from our talented, knowledgeable and caring staff.

We’ve heard you are also known for your impeccable manicures and pedicures. What makes them different?

At WELL Spa + Salon, everything is completed by hand. We go the extra step to create a safe and custom experience for every guest. This extends into our vegan nail care line and our specialty coconut-based oil line to allow your hands and feet to be moisturized and revitalized.



Onamikii Cameron; Photo by Leeah Mathews
What is MIKII?

I am Onamikii, a licensed esthetician, fitness instructor and adamant believer that healthy looks different for everyone. MIKII is my brainchild. In early 2021, global circumstances along with changes in my life, namely becoming a mother, shifted my focus away from hands-on esthetic work. Quality ingredients and education became the foundation of my new endeavor, MIKII Skincare. My initial foray into product development happened in my home, which proved to be an art project and a crash course in chemistry. As MIKII grew, the search for a manufacturing company became a necessity. It was of utmost importance to find a company who valued fair trade, cruelty-free and ethical agricultural and manufacturing practices. With this newfound partnership, MIKII was able to expand scope and reach.

What sets MIKII apart?

The MIKII mission is to provide quality products and the information needed to use them effectively. In keeping with this, we offer free consultations to discuss each customer’s specific skin needs and goals. This methodology ensures individuals gain understanding of their skin and can achieve a result-driven skin care routine. With this mission in mind, serums became a focal point.

Why is MIKII all about serums?

MIKII’s focus on effective products, addressing specific skin concerns and obtaining realistic results, naturally led to a serum-forward line. Serums are highly concentrated formulas full of active ingredients and have a lower molecular weight. Therefore, they easily absorb to deeper layers of the skin, leading to visibly longer-lasting results.

What’s your equation?

This is the MIKII motto. Everyone’s skin care routine is a complex
equation, and we need to treat it as such. The roman numerals reflect the beginning and continuation of the MIKII line. With MIKII’s assistance, you can build an equation that is effective for your unique skin.


Milan Laser Hair Removal


Stephanie Willis; Photo courtesy of Milan Laser Hair Removal
Why did you decide to try laser hair removal with Milan?

Frankly, I was fed up with shaving. It worked out perfectly because I got engaged right before I began treatments, and now I will be hair-free for my wedding and honeymoon! I’m glad I started treatments in the cooler months so once summer arrives, I won’t have to worry about shaving before wearing shorts or bikinis.

What did you do before laser to remove unwanted hair? And what benefits have you seen so far?

I have shaved since age 11, every single day. This, of course, comes with irritation and the dreaded ingrown hairs. I’ve also tried Brazilian waxes but never had the patience to keep up with them. For underarms, Brazilian and full legs, my laser appointment lasts around 30 minutes. I’ve stood in coffee lines that lasted longer! I saw benefits after one treatment. My underarms are smooth for multiple days, and I have patches that are growing slower in my Brazilian area. Seeing results after one treatment made me even more excited about the final results.

Are there any post-treatment restrictions?

The most important thing is to avoid sun exposure on treated areas because your skin needs to be its natural color. This is because the treatment plan is customized to your exact skin tone and hair color. If you do end up with a tan, you just need to wait for it to fade before continuing treatments. My provider also advises exfoliating a few days after treatment, especially on the bikini line.

Does laser hair removal hurt?

I’ve been asked so many times about the pain. As I said, I had Brazilian waxes done, and this doesn’t even compare. I would rate my pain as a three on a scale of one to 10. I know that it will intensify as I get further along in my treatments, but it is completely worth it to be hair-free!

Why did you choose Milan Laser? 

I chose Milan Laser because they are the experts. This is not a med-spa where they offer different services – all they do is laser hair removal. This is their specialty, and they have perfected it! I was also sold on their lifetime guarantee, the Unlimited Package™, which is unheard of! I don’t know why I would go anywhere else.

Do you have any advice for those considering laser hair removal treatments?

My advice for anyone considering laser hair removal would be: Go for it! Think of the time you will save and how confident you will feel when unwanted body hair is a thing of the past.

Follow Stephanie on Instagram to see her laser hair removal results @msstephwills. For more information about laser hair removal, visit milanlasermilwaukee.com.

Skiin Anti-Aging Lounge


Chris Zajdel; Photo courtesy of Skiin Anti-Aging Lounge
What trends are you seeing in the beauty industry?

Body sculpting is always at the top. CoolSculpting for fat reduction and Emsculpt for building and toning muscle are on the rise. Treatments can be performed in one day with no downtime. Skin tightening with plasma technology is a newer trend for facial care. It is a cost-effective way to address fine lines and wrinkles with longer-lasting results. This procedure should always be in the hands of a medical doctor and not a skin care professional.

What skin care advice do you have?

I always like to say that building a long-term relationship with a skin health expert is key. We all like a bargain or a deal, but is your face or body worth a bargain? When going from place to place, it is very hard to know what treatments were performed, and excessive treatments can be very damaging.

Dr. Amani Maguid; Photo courtesy of Skiin Anti-Aging Lounge


Plasma energy has been around for a long time in the medical industry, but recently, the FDA cleared it for treating fine lines and wrinkles. This treatment, which can be effective for years, should only be in the hands of a physician like Dr. Maguid.

Olivia Tripamer; Photo courtesy of Skiin Anti-Aging Lounge


Taking an artistic approach to all the work she does with Skiin, Olivia will be the first in the area to offer paramedical tattooing for post-surgical scarring. Private one-on-one education will always set Skiin apart from other medical spas.

Jamie Horndasch; Photo courtesy of Skiin Anti-Aging Lounge


There are many considerations when choosing a medical spa, and results and safety are the most important factors for Jamie at Skiin. Feminine rejuvenation with ThermiVa is one of her favorite treatments to perform.

GÄDIS Beauty Studio


Diana Yusufov; Photo courtesy of GÄDIS Beauty Studio
What is the inspiration behind GÄDIS Beauty Studio – How did you get here?

Like most business owners, my personal story has provided me constant motivation and shaped the path I’ve chosen. At age 5, my family immigrated to the U.S. from Azerbaijan, and I grew up watching both of my parents work extremely hard to start and manage businesses. Entrepreneurship felt inevitable. I felt blessed to attend college and graduated with a bachelor of business administration from UW-Milwaukee, but knew I was holding myself back from my true dream of becoming an artist. As a lover of all things beauty, I enrolled in an esthetics program to receive licensing for brows – the rest is history! Simultaneously, I personally was glowing up in a big way. It’s as if the business was the result and celebration of my journey through a challenging chapter in my early 20s. GÄDIS (pronounced “goddess”), reflects what I felt inside and expresses that to the clients we serve.

GÄDIS Beauty Studio specializes in permanent makeup services such as microblading and powder brows, lip blush, eye liner and more to come, along with other essential aesthetic services such as makeup, skin care, lash extensions and organic airbrush tanning.

What makes the GÄDIS Beauty experience unique?

We’re big on vibes. Relationships and energy are everything. You feel it when you walk in the studio. While providing exceptionally high-quality service that transforms our clients is everything, having fun is a close second. We feel like family, and we celebrate our clients and each other.

The future of GÄDIS looks bright. What’s next?

As we expand, it’s rewarding to bring business and opportunities to the community that raised me, including multiple projects beyond the scope of the studio, and to create educational opportunities for youth exploring career paths in the trades that align with their gifts and passions.

High Brow Boutique


High Brow Boutique; Photo courtesy of High Brow Boutique

Stefanie Corbett, otherwise known as “Head Honcho,” the original High Brow Girl and founder of this esthetic empire, is a licensed esthetician with over 20 years in the game.

What are the top three things you are most proud of at High Brow Boutique?

First off, growing High Brow from a one-woman, one-room operation into the award-winning esthetic practice we are today. Our service menu evolved to offer all the industry’s most popular services while adding our own High Brow touch. Second would be changing the traditional spa game by offering our staff benefits like free financial planning, matched IRA contributions and amazing health care. And finally, growing our team from nervous, fresh out-of-school novices to some of the most sought-after estheticians in Milwaukee. We are always committed to ongoing education, supporting our estheticians as they master their craft.

What are your three favorite services that High Brow offers?

I am obsessed with our brow and lash services right now; there are so many options available to encourage a strong brow or lash game. Our pro, Cheyenne, will show you the quickest way to enhance your natural brows with brow lamination and hybrid tint. You’ll be the envy of your friends! Paige is a lash magician – whether a lash lift or extensions, she will lift your lashes to the high heavens! And Paula and Amanda are two of our most sought-after “esthis” and can transform any brow catastrophe into perfection. Amanda recently elevated her brow game and is now offering microblading and microshading.

What are some of High Brow’s values and how does #TeamHighBrow fulfill them?

At High Brow, our commitment to excellence extends far beyond the treatment room. We stand tall in our values, beginning with our love and acceptance of everyone who walks through our door. Also, we are committed to giving back. Each member of our team has made a commitment to a charity of their choice. Every month, High Brow asks our clients to help us further our impactby donating to these charities. All client donations are then matched by High Brow.

Paige Ganley; Photo courtesy of High Brow Boutique


Paige is known for lifting lashes to unseen heights and flexing her stellar facial game in the treatment room. Paige’s excitement for all things esthetic and her six years of experience ensure a phenomenal experience every time!

Paula Sobieski; Photo courtesy of High Brow Boutique


Paula is approaching her sixth year as a licensed esthetician and and is a master of brow shaping. She believes in the power of kindness and positivity and includes a dose of it with every exceptional service she delivers!

Cheyenne Overboe; Photo courtesy of High Brow Boutique


Cheyenne brings her four years of experience and love of all things brows and Brazilian waxes with her to High Brow. Her big heart and unmatched ability to elevate brows is seen, felt and applauded in every service she provides!

Amanda Wisth; Photo courtesy of High Brow Boutique


Amanda’s passion for the beauty industry and love of people radiates from every fiber of her being. With over 20 years in the game, serious facial and brow expertise, and a laugh that’s contagious, every treatment with her is remarkable!

Visage Facial Plastic Surgery


Layla Shadman; Photo courtesy of Layla Shadman

Layla Shadman, PA-C, brings her expertise in facial esthetics from Chicago to Milwaukee. She offers esthetic injections, peels and laser treatments. Check out her specials on Instagram and Facebook @VisageFacialPlasticSurgery.