June 2015: City Guide

May 2015


Hometown Celebrations
Expected (Summerfest) and unexpected (an urban state forest) pleasures to explore and extol.
By the Editors

You Can Play at That Game
They say having a kid keeps you young. Next-best thing is acting like one, with these games geared to grown-ups. 
By Sarah Rae Lancaster, Howie Magner and Tim McCormick

Summer Innocence
A Wisco summer does curious and wonderful things to its people. Reflections from a trio of literary voices. 
By Liam Callanan, Dasha Kelly and C.J. Hribal

The Good Earth
Long Arm Farm sits on a magical 14 acres in Wisconsin’s Driftless Area. Page through these beguiling portraits of an industrious family living a green life.
Photos by Sara Strathas


Milwaukee, The Movie
Our version of a Brew City blockbuster, as directed by Michael Bay.
By Ann Christenson and Claire Hanan

Running It Up the Flagpole
Has our city banner reached its expiration date?
By Tim McCormick

In a Bind
A locally sourced summer reading list for lovers of marital drama, influenza outbreaks and delicious pie.
By Ann Christenson and Claire Hanan

Meet Me at Vliet Street
The portion immediately west of Washington Park has quietly become one of the most artful in the city.
By Matt Hrodey

One Man’s Trash
A South Side alderman wants to bring composting to an alley near you.
By Tim McCormick

Summer School With a Twist
The owner of Cream City Boxing delivers his one-two punch inside and outside the ring.
By Martina Ibáñez-Baldor

The New Milwaukeeans
Learning to say “bubbler.”
By Georgia Pabst

Dogs Unleashed
O, give me a home where the fur babies roam.
By Claire Hanan

Sir Reverb
One man’s decades-long rumination on rock.
By Rick Rovito

Following Suits
The highs and lows of starting a swimsuit company in a city not exactly known for balmy weather.
By Claire Hanan

A Vision in Wood
How a MIAD grad tapped one of the state’s natural resources for his fashion-forward eyewear collection.
By Claire Hanan


Theatah or beach blanket? Theatah! Dream works of local art folk, and concert love, expressed lyric-style.


Air Apparent
These restaurant patios are not only killer spots for enjoying summer. Afoodionados will be appeased, too.
By Ann Christenson

Buenavista Taco Club
A street food mission to the South Side will inevitably become a quick substitute to Old Mexico.
By Ann Christenson

Cool Beans
Iced coffee is the vehicle for rich, juicy flavor. These local cafes are brewing it bold and beautifully.
By Ann Christenson

Games of Foam
Colectivo’s Leann Soo Wacker turns heads at barista competitions with ingredients like sea salt and blackberry preserves.
By Ann Christenson


Milwaukee native Dennis Kois, the Public Museum’s new president, has grand plans for the newly debt-free institution.
By Claire Hanan

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