June 2013: City Guide


The Rundown
These aren’t your average road races. They’re muddy, colorful and could involve volts of electricity. They’re also moneymakers. And fun.
By Tom Held

Culinary Connections
Itinerant is the career path for many a chef, as demonstrated by this labyrinthine flowchart tracking the jobs of 16 local kitchen heads.
By Ann Christenson

Change of Tune
Milwaukee has its go-tos for free outdoor music in the summer months. But look beyond the staples, and lesser-known but equally fantastic options emerge.
By Abby Callard

24 (Unorthodox) Hours in Milwaukee
One stalwart scribe takes the city by the cojones for an offbeat 24-hour jaunt.
By Dan Murphy

The Buyer’s Market
If you’re not shopping thrift stores, you should be. Score a wedding dress, designer handbags, maternity clothes and other bargain buys.
By Claire Hanan

Street Life
One of summer’s ephemeral gifts is casual, affordable street fare. Without paying extra, you get side dishes of sun, wind and that balmy weather constant, the heat index.
By Ann Christenson

Summer Style
We scoured the city for the best summer fashions that won’t break the bank (they’re all under $100) and found 50 worth sharing. Not sure where to begin? Start with your favorite trend, like black and white, neutrals, color-blocking or pretty prints – and build from there.
By Claire Hanan

You’re On the List, Pal
Drunkest city? Crummiest roads? Milwaukee’s inclusion on certain compendium is not quite, well, complimentary.
By Howie Magner


Say What?
In the mixture of partisan and nonpartisan offices that makes up local politics, one factor towers above the rest: personality.
By James Carlton

On a Wing and a Prayer
For birds that smash themselves into skyscraper windows, there is hope.
By Avrum D. Lank

Hot Type
Think global and read local with a summer reading list that’s distinctly Wisconsin thanks to homegrown luminaries, local recommendations and author visits to our fair city.
By Ann Christenson, Claire Hanan & Matt Hrodey

The Sincerest Form of Flattery
Once, naming your city “Milwaukee” was a fad. Sort of.
By Matt Hrodey 

Road to Recovery
State-led overhauls are targeting some of the area’s busiest roads.
By Matt Hrodey

School of Rock
No more drab C-clefs. No more making embouchure funny-faces. This isn’t your average band camp.
By Tyler Maas

Choose Your Own Adventure
First-rate fans are ditching the board-game blahs by reviving a diminished gaming scene.
By James Lowder


Hot in the O.C.
Georgie Porgie’s custard and burger joint makes some serious noise. But that’s what you’d expect from a tree fort.
By Ann Christenson


Old Timer’s Game
A man as fundamental to the Brew Crew as home plate.
By Howie Magner


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