July 2017

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July 2017 issue coverFEATURES

Local Lights
People — 12 to be exact — who are making key contributions to our community, not in an attention-seeking way but because they think it’s the right thing to do.

No Picnic
Parks in peril? Plagued by a funding squeeze, the Milwaukee County Park System is in varied states of decay. What can be done to save these once fastidiously maintained spaces?
By Virginia Small and Tom Tolan

Taking a Shot
When not traveling the globe on assignment, Milwaukee photographer Mark Gubin would head outside with just an old camera and his mind’s eye. Behold some of his striking images.
By Pamela Hill Nettleton, with photos by Mark Gubin


Down the Hatch
Are psych drugs over-prescribed?
By Matt Hrodey

Lead Levels
When an anti-lead advocate’s work turns personal.
By Matt Hrodey

Click and Receive
Testing those speedy Amazon deliveries.
By Matt Hrodey

Silver Alert
Like the Amber Alert, there’s the Silver Alert.
By Matt Hrodey


Hit the Road: Architecture, Theater & Folk Art
Travel by Frank Lloyd Wright’s GPS. Find A Midsummer Night’s Dream of entertainment across the state. Visit the state’s fine examples of outsider art.

Cozy Cottage
A lake cottage with a cozy, stylish aesthetic.
By Carole Nicksin

Fests of every stripe — vintage motorcycles to the air and water show.


Back in the Saddle
Pabst is back! Our take on the new craft brewpub.
By Ann Christenson

Cold Case
Battle of the cold brews. The surprise victor!
By Ann Christenson

Path to Pastries
Q&A with enterprising pastry chef Molly Sullivan.
By Ann Christenson

Mystery Solved!
A mystery unraveled…the Karl Ratzsch’s Special cocktail.
By Robert Simonson

Ask Ann
“Ask Ann” tackles a burning question about tipping.
By Ann Christenson


The Little House Rules
The Little House books are more than a childhood diversion, for this calico-print-loving writer at least.
By Jayna Maleri

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