Jay Schmidt Group

Face of Real Estate Excellence

Jay Schmidt Group; (Floor, left to right) Katie Rinka, Holly Gamblin, (Seated, left to right) Angela Wanta, Sarah Hughes, Jaci Ruben, Mary Wright, Jordan Lukach, Blake McKinney, Molly Triggs, Sasha Nicholson, (Standing, left to right) Sara Jo Dederich, DJ Friesch, Kris McKinney, Jay Schmidt, Janine Werner, David Crum, Andrea Nelson
(Floor, left to right) Sara Christian, Sophie Miller, (Seated, left to right) Angela Funk, Nicole Wheeler, Mark Fondow, Celia da Silva, Katie Ryan Pluer, Lora Caton, Danielle Forrest, Sarah Duchow, Rachel Zach, Maggie Meier, (Standing, left to right) Elizabeth Rice, Ross Treffert, Ellery McAdams, Andrew Klvana, Bev Drummand, Carrie G Nichols, Stefani Miller, (Not pictured) Gail Green, Helen Sampson, Jackie Eaton, Janice Powell, Julia Jansky, Nancy Meeks, Tom Barrett, Bill Werner

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Last year, the Jay Schmidt Group helped 440 families buy or sell a home in metro Milwaukee. “I don’t talk about that number to brag,” says Jay Schimdt, a real estate agent and the group’s founder. “It’s to point out that 440 families trusted our team. Every one of those transactions is reviewed as a team, which means we’re working together and gaining experience and exposure that no individual agent can get on their own.”

JSG specializes in a concierge real estate experience. Every sales agent at JSG works with a licensed agent partner, who helps with completing contracts, scheduling inspections, scheduling estimates and other crucial details, freeing the agent to focus on the client. Then, JSG uses an on-staff stager, photographer and marketing department to present the home in the best possible light.

“I always like to use the analogy of buying a Cadillac,” Schmidt says. “You don’t expect the Cadillac salesperson to also change the oil and do the paperwork for the loan. You have a specialist for everything. We’ve built a team with specialists for everything so that it’s a really phenomenal experience for the client.”

With the experience and support of a team behind them, JSG’s agents are more aware of the state of the market than individual agents and use that expertise to make winning offers.

“We believe that our service should be across all price points,” Schmidt says. “Whether you’re buying a $100,000 house or $10 million house, you have expectations that are going to be met and exceeded when you work with our team.”