January 2019

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Let’s Talk It Out
We convened 12 pairs of local luminaries and just downright interesting Milwaukeeans to hear their takes on what’s on our mind – and what’s on theirs. Here’s what they have to say.
By Carole Nicksin, Chris Drosner, Lindsey Anderson, Rich Rovito, Matt Hrodey, Adam Rogan and Dan Simmons

Character Study
Ayad Akhtar became who he is today – acclaimed novelist and filmmaker, Pulitzer Prize-winning playwright – in Milwaukee, and his experience growing up as a Muslim American in the Midwest is woven throughout his work.
By Lindsey Anderson

Death of a Daughter
For five years after Kelly Dwyer disappeared from an East Side apartment, her family has searched for justice through immeasurable pain. Even with a conviction, their ordeal may not yet be over.
By Zach Brooke



Dance Partners
Milwaukee students find their footing through Danceworks’ popular Mad Hot program.
By Adam Rogan

Snow Day
The joy of sledding almost makes winter worth it. Here, we share some of the area’s best sledding spots.
By Matt Hrodey

Through the Looking Glass
Breakable but beautiful, glass gets its due at two art exhibitions on view right now.
By Lindsey Anderson

Resolve to attend more events in 2019. Our calendar this month is packed with concerts, plays and an MLK Day celebration.

We caught up with creative entrepreneur Elizabeth Rees to find out why she traded in her New York apartment for a home in Milwaukee.
By Lindsey Anderson



The Big Story: Police Body Cameras Back the Badge
In the past few years, shaky, grainy videos of police encounters have become staples of the news – and a powerful tool to shape public opinion.
By Matt Hrodey

Drink and Ride
Are ride-hailing apps actually keeping them off the streets?
By Anna Miller

Our Truth
The enduring words of a young victim of Milwaukee gun violence
By Sandra Parks

Anatomy of a Fizzle
The anatomy of Randy Bryce’s electoral flop
By Matt Hrodey



Riviera Revisited
Fauntleroy’s unconventional approach to French cuisine
By Ann Christenson

Cookbook Muses
The culinary tomes local chefs are turning to for inspiration
By Ann Christenson

Memorable Meals
Meraki pours on the flexibility with its regular and tasting menus.
By Ann Christenson

Claws for Concern
Sip & Purr might be the replacement for Prozac.
By Ann Christenson

Ask Ann
Is 20 percent still the going rate for tipping?
By Ann Christenson


When Elijah Corona tried to help out his neighborhood, nobody complained about going to the back of the line.
As told to Adam Rogan

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