IAG Wealth Partners

Face of Wealth Management

IAG Wealth Partners; (Left to right) Scott Heins, Jayme Heineck, Rusty Peterson, Mike Koerner, Lori Watt, Susan Kuhlenbeck, Tom Peterson, Jesse Sindorf, Chris Mitchell, Jason Ganiere, Debra Melvin, Mike Kutz, Anne Sapienza; Photo by Boutique Photographer Linda Smallpage; Instagram: @boutiquephotographer | Facebook: Boutique Photographer | Linkedin: Linda Smallpage

Lori Watt founded IAG Wealth Partners in 1985 in Waukesha. In the decades since, it’s grown into a premier wealth management firm in Southeastern Wisconsin, with 30 employees. “The key to growth has been that we focus on hiring really good people who share our values and ethics,” says Watt. “We find out what their strengths are and build around that.”

Jayme Heineck, a financial advisor, first met Watt at a country club where she was a part-time waitress, taking investment classes on the side. Watt became her mentor, and Heineck joined IAG soon after. Financial advisor and partner Anne Sapienza first became interested in finances after watching her parents plan their financial future when her father had a major health event. For financial advisor and chief investment officer Scott Heins, the biggest joy is “coaching clients through life,” he says. “It’s not all financials.” And Debra Melvin, another financial advisor, focuses on helping women through divorce.

“After building this company from scratch, my greatest joy is watching it expand beyond me to this team,” Watt says. “My focus now is on assuring that IAG will continue to serve our clients for generations to come.”

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