From comic book villains to water suppliers, Milwaukee's Warped Tour stop brought its usual miscellaneous crowd on July 26.

The Vans Warped Tour’s annual stop in Milwaukee on July 26 somehow manages to pack more than 70 bands on seven stages taking up only about one-fourth of the Summerfest Grounds in less than nine hours is impressive to say the least. What’s more impressive is the sheer number of teenage girls with blue hair dye, lip piercings and amount of swear words packed into that same area and time slot. The grounds were as eclectically populated as it was loud, with attendees ranging from 14 year olds at their first concert to their 50-year-old chaperones. Here we’ve chronicled just a few of the attendees and what they had to say about America’s largest touring music festival, past and present.


HUMANS OF WARPED Hugo hails from Sturgeon Bay and came to his third Warped Tour on Tuesday. After going to the travelling music festival for the first time in 2014 to see one of his favorite bands – Anberlin – he was exposed to a wider range of music and viewpoints than he expected, drawing him back to the Summerfest Grounds each of the last two years for more Warped. "You can see different perspectives of how these musicians portray their music and whatnot and what they're all about and how you see through – with their music – what they're trying to get out, what type of message." Photo by Adam Rogan. #humansofwarped #warpedtour #vans #anberlin #mke #milwaukeemag #lakefront #festival #music #kirby

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HUMANS OF WARPED Cheyenne and Matt made the four-hour trek southward from Iron Mountain, Michigan, to the Warped Tour's yearly stop in Milwaukee. It was Cheyenne's first time at Warped Tour, which was "a little bit of a culture shock" as she put it, although Matt has gone several times in his home state of Massachusetts. Coming back to Warped, this time in Milwaukee, Matt still finds himself at home, appreciating the change in atmosphere and perspectives from the Upper Peninsula. "I like the people you get surrounded by. Nobody treats me like an outcast here, whereas (in Iron Mountain) I get treated like an outcast hardcore. It's a podunk little town. They're not used to nothing like me. They don't play this music; they don't even have a radio station that'll play this up there. I come here basically to fit in. This is my extended family, you know, this is my extended family here. We all take care of each other." Photo by Adam Rogan. #humansofwarped #warpedtour #vans #mke #milwaukeemag #lakefront #festival #music #family

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