Here’s What You Missed in Wisconsin This Week: June 10

This week, we have sky-high gas prices, rolling blackouts, bobcats and also Aaron Rodgers buying groceries.

Aaron Rodgers Takes Pictures with a Kid at Fresh Thyme

Aaron Rodgers was shopping at Fresh Thyme in Ashwaubenon this week, when he ran into a mother with her young daughter. This resulted in a series of intensely cute photos with the delighted kid. But more importantly, what do you think Aaron was buying? Goji berries? Cordyceps? Ashwagandha? Is our man back on the Panchakarma cleanse? Or is he off the wagon, buying normal people foods again? This is important stuff – the Packers 2022 season may hinge on this man’s gut health.

Comet Café Reopened

Farwell Avenue’s beloved diner, Comet Café, is finally back after closing way in 2020. I was right outside the doors on opening day, and when they finally unlocked them, I ran in and hollered, “Gimme that Big Luck burger, baby.” After which I was informed that a lifetime ban does not end just because a place is closed for two years. Man, I really should never have brought my truffle pig to get lunch with me. Anyways, we love to see Comet Café back in action, and if any of you want to order a Big Luck burger for me, I would appreciate it. You can leave it outside my office in the alley off Farwell – right next to the dumpster that says, “The Mongoose King Never Sleeps” in bright orange paint.

Milwaukee’s Boat House is Getting a New Lighthouse

For those of you who don’t know, there’s a house in Milwaukee that’s shaped like a boat. It’s quite odd and also delightful. It was built in 1926 and has changed owners several times over the decades. This boat house also has a dilapidated lighthouse on the side, which has been one good kick from falling over for a few years. But now the couple who bought the house in 2018 are setting out to repair the whole boat, dismantle the lighthouse, and then replace it with a 20-foot-tall wooden one

Bobcats are Roaming Brooklyn

Listen up. I know this has been a hot button issue for decades now, but I think it’s high time we all stop walking on eggshells and say what needs to be said. Brooklyn, Wisconsin is better than Brooklyn, New York. I’m sorry. That’s just facts. And don’t tell me about the Brooklyn Bridge. Have you ever seen Aunt Bridget’s Gnome Collection? Better than any bridge out there. Prospect Park? Don’t make me laugh. It’s got nothing on Big Frank’s Watering Hole. Does Prospect Park serve $1.50 Miller High Lifes? I didn’t think so.

Anyway, a family in the vastly superior Brooklyn, Wisconsin saw a bobcat in their yard this week. It was on the news.



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Southeast Wisconsin Hits Highest Ever Gas Prices

Gas prices are a lot like this weekly column. They just keep getting worse. This week the Milwaukee/Waukesha metro area hit an average price of $5.11, the highest average ever recorded according to AAA. Other Wisconsin cities also hit their highest prices, including Kenosha, Racine, Sheboygan, Green Bay, Madison, Appleton, Eau Claire … the complete list of cities is really long, so let’s just stop here and say it’s pretty much horrible everywhere. The Journal Sentinel spoke to Alice Cox, an Uber and Lyft driver in Milwaukee, who said, “I literally went from [spending] $60 a week to $240 a week [on gas].”

There Might Be Rolling Blackouts in the Midwest This Summer

The North American Electric Reliability Corporation released a “Summer Reliability Assesment” this week, which predicted the possibility of rolling blackouts across Wisconsin and the Midwest at large. This would be due to a hot summer, increased demand for energy, and the retirement of coal power plants. The Midwest Independent System Operator, which oversees electricity across Wisconsin, is conducting training exercises to maintain grid reliability in a worst-case scenario. If things get dire, we might have to temporarily cut down on power use to avoid blackouts.

I had a crappy joke ready for this story – something like, “Rolling blackouts? Reminds of college” – but having experienced a power outage during a heat wave before, I’m really not feeling too amused about this possibility.



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