Health – Spring 2016 Issue: Amp Up Your Workout With an Awesome Trainer

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Amp Up Your Workout With an Awesome Trainer
One of these six trainers – a boxer to a speedskating expert – could be the key to achieving your fitness goals.
By Eben Pindyck

Deep Breaths
The nonprofit Growing Minds is among those working to create calm classrooms by teaching yoga and other exercises in area schools.
By Jenna Kashou

Healthy Every Day
Dining out need not sabotage the pursuit of healthy eating. These 15 restaurant dishes keep mindful, satisfying meals center stage.
By Ann Christenson

Access to Care
St. Ben’s Clinic, operating in a converted house Downtown, serves the needs of our city’s homeless population.
By Matt Hrodey

Working Out with Wee Ones
The “dual-generation” workout is here, and it comes in many forms – from yoga to Babywearing Bootcamp.
By Bonnie Miller Rubin and Joseph Boyle


Fit You
Build a routine from the ground up.
By Laura Merisalo

Dose & Don’ts
Are vitamin supplements a pathway to better health? Experts offer some guidance.
By Maggie Ginsberg

On the Run
Want time with a college prez? Put on your running shoes and spring into fitness with leaders on the move.
By Joseph Boyle

Rx for Daily Life
Do’s and Don’ts for a healthier you.
By Maggie Ginsberg

Craving Healing
To fill an urgent need, Rogers Memorial started the nation’s first residential treatment program for men with eating disorders.
By Eben Pindyck

Health Check
We walk, we drink, we are Milwaukeeans.
By Tom Tolan

A Drop Will Do
Why lithium could be the best thing since fluoride.
By Erik Gunn and Matt Hrodey

Fit Brit
Want to make a statement with your Fitbit? These cases will do that.
By Claire Hanan

Get Moving
Whether you prefer mud or trail, concrete or street, there’s a run for you.
By Jonathan Powell


Wheat Bullied
Ten days of eating against the grain.
By Claire Hanan


Q&A: Megan Sai Dogra, ‘Assist Bhopal’
Megan Sai Dogra, a University School of Milwaukee junior, helps victims of a 1984 tragedy in India with her “Assist Bhopal” documentary.
By Carolyn Kott Washburne

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