February 2018

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Meet the Disruptors
From chatbot avatars to retro-cool powered bicycles, we profile a host of businesses whose owners believe they can write the next chapter of entrepreneurial success.

CC Strong
Sobering tragedy teaches a high school girls cross country team a powerful, albeit painful lesson about resilience.
By Dan Simmons

Conservative Agenda
The Bradley Foundation is a philanthropic force. CEO Richard Graber talks about the foundation’s mission, strategies and controversies.
By Carole Nicksin


The Metamorphosis of Scott Walker
Scott Walker, the ultimate changeling
By Matt Hrodey

Pushed to the Limit
So you think 70 mph is safe for driving? Think again.
By Larry Sandler

Memorable Quotes
Nuggets from the Charlie Sykes book.
By Matt Hrodey

Plowing Ahead
What city life is like for a municipal snowplow driver.
By Matt Hrodey

Ornithological Superstar
The ghostly white bird that yonder comes.
By Carl Schwartz


Bon Anniversaire, Bon Iver
Justin Vernon’s Bon Iver returns to the city that helped launch his career 10 years ago.
By Kevin Mueller

Built to Last
Country charm meets urbane elegance in this Heartland home.
By Jenna Kashou

Out of this World
Aliens have invaded the Skylight!
By Lindsey Anderson

Tippecanoe, and Tinctures Too!
A boutique’s heady blend of old and new
By Kristine Hansen

28 days of extracurricular highlights


Love Stories, With Food
Couples, in and out of the restaurant
By Elizabeth Elving

Midwest is Best
Birch + Butcher = lots of wood-roasted potential
By Ann Christenson

Suddenly Sushi
Once, twice, three times the sushi
By Ann Christenson

House Specialties
What’s behind house specialty drinks with all the bells and whistles
By Robert Simonson

Ask Ann
Heart-shaped dinners with your honey
By Ann Christenson


The Magic of Music
A car ride and a wistful playlist conjure memories of road trips taken when the family was just planting its roots here.
By Kiran Vedula

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