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February 2016 Issue: Mind Matters

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Mind Matters
An informed package that dives deep into the nuts and bolts of our mental health care system and includes reflective first-person stories of getting help.
Edited by Claire Hanan

Well Suited
Local activist Andre Lee Ellis’ most recent 500 Black Tuxedos event drew 385 black men and boys in a meaningful day of mentoring and just plain joy. This photo essay documents the entire endeavor.
By Daniel Simmons | Photos by Sara Stathas 

Top Dentists
Before we give you the lowdown on 200-plus dental pros — the cream of their field — a panel of local dentists talks misconceptions, patient comfort and other key issues you can really sink your teeth into.
By Laura Merisalo

Ordinary Courage
Interim editor Howie Magner’s February letter to our readers.
By Howie Magner


Out of Mind
What if you were stolen away, and no one came to your rescue?
By Matt Hrodey

Club Kids
By Liz Chatterton

Hot Potato
By Matt Hrodey

Got PR?
Moving milk campaigns beyond the mustache.
By Mary Jo Contino

In Plain Sight
Illustration by Adam Doyle

The Arbiter
Should Supreme Court justices endorse each other?
By Matt Hrodey

Resting Rover
Better ways to say goodbye to a pet.
By Amber Jorgenson


Jewelry designer Ashley Kolln iscrafting sought-after metal and stone jewelry.
By Claire Hanan

Docking Station
By Liz Chatterton

Talking Points
The Rep brings a celebrated playwright back home to stage his visions of a “complicated world.”
By Paul Kosidowski

Passing the Baton
By Paul Kosidowski

Ready Return
A timeline of the 20-plus trailblazing years since the Rusty Ps hit Milwaukee’s hip-hop scene.
By Steven Potter

Star Qualities
By Amber Jorgenson

Secret Stash
What became of the city’s most peculiar music store.
By Matt Hrodey

Character Building
Quicken your pulse with one easy-reading novel.
By Claire Hanan

February’s must-dos include dinosaurs and chocolate.
By Claire Hanan


The Lure of Love
Searching for the fish in a modern dating sea.
By Pamela Hill Nettleton


Club Shorecrest
Supper club traditions merge with contemporary ideology at the East Side’s new Supper.
By Ann Christenson

Juicy Fruit
Move over, craft beer. Hard cider is gaining traction. And no need to press for reasons.
By Claire Hanan

Solid Grounds
By Ann Christenson

Fresh Meat
Point Burger Bar’s build-your-own concept leaves seemingly no topping stone unturned.
By Ann Christenson

The Big Eat
Only food lovers with a competitive nature need apply.
By Ann Christenson

Sweet Proof
By Howie Magner


Matthew Prigge wrote Milwaukee Mayhem: Murder and Mystery in the Cream City’s First Century. He’s also available for boat tours.
By Zach Brooke


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