February 2014: Remembering Betty


A Full Life Lived
How do we fittingly describe our late matriarch Betty Quadracci’s impact on the community, publishing, us? Hand the podium over to friends and family, colleagues and power players.

Top Dentists
The cream of the crop in seven categories, plus many other nuggets of pearly white wisdom.
By Sara Rae Lancaster

Making Waves
Business exec Rich Meeusen doesn’t hang in the weeds. He’s out there treading on shrubs to further the goals of the Milwaukee Water Council. Thorns, be damned.
By Rich Rovito

The Art of Antiquities
How do you live with cool, old, antiquey stuff? Weave in a modern backdrop, fabrics and window treatments included, and voila.
By Claire Hanan

While You Were Sleeping
Bad things might be happening. Sleep apnea’s close kinship with stroke, high blood pressure, even early death.
By Erik Ness


Moving Target
The quest to end sexual abuse in prisons is either chasing a paper tiger – or fighting an uphill battle.
By Matt Hrodey

Love Stinks
Rising fees, declining rates of wedlock. Our brief review of matrimony in the metro area will break your heart.
By Kristine Hansen

Russian Roulette
Round and round, the speedskaters go. Where they stop, nobody knows.
By Howie Magner 

More Manure, More Problems
Factory farms are on the rise, along with the waste they produce.
By Matt Hrodey 

TV News is a Phony Wasteland to the Digital Generation
A new voice picks up a familiar beat.
By Jane Hampden

Leather Weather
Kick some proverbial butt in these black boots.
By Claire Hanan / Styled by Lizzy Lovas


I’ll Take Manhattan, and Milwaukee
A returning native finds riches beyond beer, brats and cheese curds.
By Elizabeth Evans


A New Project
Miranda Levy made a national name for herself on “Project Runway.” Now, she’s back to win over Milwaukee.
By Claire Hanan


Churned Memories
Our publisher’s untimely passing puts me in a burger – Solly’s burger – frame of mind.
By Ann Christenson

Morning After
May the wind be ever at your back, and your stomach never a stranger from a good pub brunch.
By Ann Christenson

Chefrigerator: Cameryne Roberts
Opening up her stainless steel, double-door icebox is Cameryne Roberts, co-owner of Bay View’s LuLu Cafe & Bar and North Avenue’s Juniper 61.
By Ann Christenson


Lyle Balistreri
Union boss Lyle Balistreri was always ready to rumble when negotiating for tradesmen. But as he retires, he admits confrontation is doomed to fail.
By Avrum D. Lank